DSC 311011 The Real Mike Myers

I saw that today’s sketch challenge http://www.deviantart.com/users/outgoing?http://outcaststudios.com/forums/index.php/topic/11330-daily-sketch-challenge-michael-myers/ was Michael Myers and my first thought was that Austin Powers 3 (Goldmember) was a real horror of a movie and thus this picture was born and yes that is supposed to be the other Mike Myers head in Halloween’s Michael Myer’s hand..

WSC 301011 Monster X-5-2011-73

Military Scientific Report X-5-2011-73. Classification: Top Secret.

To: Colonel Breen

Subject: Project Update

Subject 73 is showing a great deal of progress. As you will be aware we have been attempting to combine various of the materials
recovered by your team. So far our success has been limited. With the current iteration however, we have been able to stabilise the
reaction prior to loss of viability of the subject. We are currently investigating why this particular blend has been successful where
others have failed. Obtaining tissue samples from the subject is proving difficult due to the extreme agression and animalistic traits
which have presented themselves (See attached file for further details and images).

Meanwhile it would be of great assistance if you could supply further information on the circumstances of the recovery of the
following Materials:

DNA Sample recovered from the remains of Tad Trenton (4 years), from Castle Rock, Maine.
Note: Appears to be from some form of Canine DNA.

DNA Samples and chemical Solution labelled as having been removed from the laboratory of a Dr Herbert West of Miskatonic University in
New England.
Note: Solution appears to reverse the effects of necrosis in body tissues. Unable to identify origin of DNA samples.

Cadaver of victim of a presumed animal attack in Bailey Downs.
Note: I have examined said cadaver prior to commencement of the testing and the wounds look more like those inflicted by human teeth
and nails.

DNA Sample recovered from a mine in the town of Prosperity, Arisona.
Note: Appears to be some form of arachnid DNA.

I look forward to recieving your response by return messenger.

From: Dr Matthew Roney

For those unfamiliar with the above – they are from the following movies: Cujo, Re-Animator, Ginger Snaps, Eight Legged Freaks. The
good Colonel and Doctor named in the above message are both characters in the 50s tv serial drama Quatermass and the Pit (a personal
favourite of mine)

The impetus for this was the Outcast weekend challenge to come up with your creepiest original monster.

And the Steps to create the image

1 thumbnail
2,3 & 4 “nodes” sketch – main body joints and head, spider legs
5 & 6 basic shapes – main body and head, spider legs
7 filled out sketch with some details
8 pick out best lines from sketch and ink over
9 clean lines
10 lines with additional detailing and shadow



DSC 291011 Supernatural-ish

Well I know I already submitted a quick sketch for yesterdays challenge, but I wanted to do another more cartoony one with the same
subject – Sam and Dean Worthington from Supernatural. http://outcaststudios.com/forums/index.php/topic/11324-daily-sketch-challenge-
vol17-11/ I used one of the references provided and tried to capture the posters look but make it fun

The sketch itself took about 10-15mins. Lines, flats and shading took considerably more. All done in Sai.

Here is also some of the wip steps as an animation


DSC Catchup – 220711 Isaiah Bradley

Another oldie sketch challenge from 22 July 2010 – Isaiah Bradley from Truth: Red, White & Black by Robert Morales and Kyle Baker. Used bodybuilder Victor Martinez as reference for this. Also thanks to the grungy paper texture by bashcorpo was able to age the colors and try to make it look like a flyer that had survived the end of the war.

Original Challenge: [link]

DSC Catchup – 290711 Bucky

Another DSC catchup. Finding going back through challenges I missed is great practice and also a great source of ideas for images. Anyway from July – Bucky Barnes [link]

I was going to draw him frozen but then thought it would be a better shot of him holding cap’s shield wondering if he could ever fill that role – and nowadays we know he can 😉

Real Heroes

I created this image and accompanying text for the Freedom Endures Contest over at :iconfansforcap:

Real Heroes:

Another day and another presentation, one of the duties that Steve Rogers hadn’t really considered when he stepped into that army laboratory all those decades ago. Not that he really minded, it was just that he was never particularly comfortable with the false pomp, despite having lost count of the number of times he had attended one of these things. He mused to himself that while he would rather have been off fighting somewhere he was also supposed to be a symbol of inspiration to the whole nation – even now when there often was no clearly defined enemy as there had been during World War II. It was perhaps even more important that he show up and press the flesh, make people feel comfortable that there were greater powers out there protecting them.

So here he was in the Village accepting a gaudy looking gold plated key from the chairman of the local business association on behalf of the Avengers as a token of gratitude for saving the City from some menace or other. Steve smiled and waved for the crowds, the mid afternoon sun glinting sharply off his shield and casting reflected light onto the upturned faces around the makeshift stage upon which he stood. A final wave and then down the steps so sign some autographs and take some pictures with the locals. As he descended a flash of light from somewhere high to his left caught his eye and he turned to see a mushroom of flame and dust blossoming from midway up one of the nearby skyscrapers.

Springing from midway down the steps, Cap rushed through the crowd issuing orders for them to move back towards Bleecker Street and away from the explosion. Smoke and dust was already starting to billow down the street towards the milling crowd. Some people were moving quickly back in the opposite direction but others were standing arms outstretched, the obligatory mobile phones in hand capturing the event for posterity.

Leaving crowd control to the police Cap sprinted into the ever thickening dust cloud which was forming between the high buildings, weaving his way through the passers by running in the opposite direction. Sirens sounded in the distance signalling the on duty police had already radioed in what was happening. As he approached the foot of the burning building a deafening crack sounded overhead causing Cap to look upward. A large portion of the side of the building was starting to buckle outward due to the heat and stress. As he surveyed the damage, masonry began falling to the street. Without really pausing for thought Cap gathered up the stragglers exiting the building and almost pushed them back along the street to safety, using his shield to deflect falling pieces away from the survivors.

After ensuring those nearest to the building were clear of danger, the Captain turned just in time to see some of the floors above the flames give up their battle and begin to finally collapse in on to the fire damaged floors below. A wave of worry and anger rose in him, worry that there may still be people in the building and anger at himself for not moving faster. As he watched the flames leaping through the cracked and broken walls of the once tall building he put his anger aside and steadied himself. Sirens blared around him and glancing over his shoulder he saw the flashing lights of the fire engines approaching through the smoke.

As the engines halted the firemen exploded out, moving into position like a well oiled machine. Hydrants were tapped and water began blasting the blazing building, preventing the blaze from spreading further into the damaged building or spreading to it’s nearest neighbours. Knowing it would be foolhardy to interfere with the fire suppression, Captain America took charge of ensuring anyone exiting the building made their way safely to the hastily set up triage area back along the street, near where he had stood smiling in the sunshine earlier.

As the fire was brought under control rescue crews began pushing up into the building, Cap alongside them as they began the search for survivors. The search continued through the night and into the next morning as the teams slowly worked their way up into the mangled mess that was formerly the middle three or four floors of the building. As they passed into the 17th floor, they entered a larger space where the floor above had caved in leaving a large cavern like gap in the centre of the building.

Sunlight filtered in through holes in the outer wall. As they picked their way through the wreckage, one of the firemen heard a faint groan from beneath a pile of rubble. A he rushed over to investigate, Cap surveyed the area. Spotting a large beam which would prevent access to the area he carefully picked it and began lifting it out of the way, muscles straining beneath his shirt. Seeing what he was trying to do other members of the team rushed to help Cap move the beam away.

Together the team cleared away the remaining debris, freeing the unfortunate office worker who had been trapped there all night. As the paramedics arrived to see to the survivor, Cap and his team moved further into the building, their hopes of finding more survivors raised.

DSC 181011 The Children

Challenge – The Children from Midwich Cuckoos/Village of the Damned http://outcaststudios.com/forums/index.php/topic/11291-daily-sketch-challenge-vol17-03/

For today’s sketch challenge I decided to have a bit of fun, I recently saw the Simpson’s episode “Wild Barts Can’t Be Broken” in which the kids take vengeance on the town grown ups by revealing all their secrets. Anyway during which there was a drive-in screening of the movie “The Bloodening” – a parody of Village of the Damned. So I decided to use a screenshot from that movie http://simpsonsimages.tumblr.com/post/1452600783/cold1-asked-hello-would-you-happen-to-have-a as reference for this sketch


DSC 171011 Van Helsing

Turns out my decision to use Hugh Jack as casting for Simon Garth piece the other day, the Monday challenge? Gabriel Van Helsing http://outcaststudios.com/forums/index.php/topic/11289-daily-sketch-challenge-vol17-02/
As played by Hugh Jackman in the 2004 movie. I also decided to include Richard Roxburgh as his nemesis Dracula

Done in sai with photo references from google

WSC 151011 Zombified – Beast

The weekend challenge over at Outcast is to make your favourite character into a ravenous zombie [link]

I decided to do Beast (Marvel 616 classic blue pre kitty cat version) and he is where I have got to so far – beast bouncing down a corridor in the x-mansion looking for more brains  and encountering someone scanning the hallways for zombies – hence a targetting overlay for the zombie detector built and operated by Forge (probably)

For those interested in this sort of thing, here are some of the WIP steps

Note that I changed the overlay text based on a suggestion by Nate over at outcast to make it look more like a database output.

DSC 141011 Simon Garth Zombie

Another day, another challenge and another character I am not familiar with, Marvel’s Zombie – Simon Garth [link]

I felt that the concept might make a good movie and thought Hugh Grant would be a good leading man for the role. The pose is somewhat based off a Zombie statue which i used as reference (also referred to for the ripped clothes), while my zombie face is attempting to zombify Hugh. To be honest it looks more like Iron Maiden’s mascot.

Hugh head “before” sketch is about 15 mins work, Zombie is a couple of minutes to capture pose, sketch about 25 mins. full lined image around 25 mins on top of that.