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Excalibur: The OmniPark

Well, I haven’t done one of these in ages.. and Essex said the gallery (DCG) was running a bit low on submissions.. so I proudly present.. in the South Park Stylee.. Kitty, Brian, Kurt & Megan.. better known as Shadowcat, Capt Britain, Nightcrawler.. and erm.. Megan;), collectively known as Excalibur. They are here about to access the Siege Perilous.. and enter *bom bom bom* the OmniPark… where all South Park universes meet.

Blast from the Past: We all stand together!

Another of my older manips that i didn’t submit at the time. This is just a collection of busts plonked together in a ‘come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough’ kind of pose. At the time i wasn’t confident enough to try and give the colossus bust arms, so the placing of the other characters is more or less to hide the fact he’s (h)armless…

Secret Wars Comics 2 Film Digital Concept Gallery Collaboration

These artists from all over the world collaborated on this photomanipulation replica of the cover to Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #1 (original by Mike Zeck). Dedicated to Robbo and Comics2Film.com:

(Michael Jai White as) Iron Man by d_authority (w/ blbarett) Visit digitalblueroom.
(Eric Bana as) Hulk by Marcelo Gomes
(Tobey Maguire as) Spider-man by Swingerbone (M/20/Texas, USA)
Matt Damon as Human Torch by Darth_zaiyen
Angela Basset as Storm by Nathauan13 (M/20/ Los Angeles, California, USA)
John Leguizamo as Nightcrawler & Secret Wars title by Juvenilemike
Alicia Keys as Captain Marvel by Lady D (F/26/Ceará, Brazil)
Chris Klein as Colossus and layout by Ed Hopkins (M/30/Maryland, USA)
Tom Sizemore as the Thing by Bill Turner
Katie Price as Rogue by skye
Heath Ledger as Hawkeye by LocalHero (M/32/Glasgow, Scotland)
Victoria Pratt as She-hulk by Paul Tengco (M/24/Philippines)
Guy Pierce as Cyclops by Kevin “kev_incal” Leung (M/22/Alameda, California, USA)
Christina Ricci as Wasp by cyberSpice (M/22/Russia)
Casper Van Dien as Captain America by Black_Alchemy
Martin Sheen as Wolverine by bearbot

DCG REDO: X-Verse: Nightcrawler (inspired by Darth_zaiyen)

For this ReDo, I decided on Darth’s female Nightcrawler concept with Gisele Bundchen.

First job was getting rid off the original clothes from the base picture. this was done by adding new layers with the stomach and bosom from a couple of other gisele pics. these were smudged and blended together and everything converted to black and white. next step was masking of the model from the background and colouring her blue. the new costume was added in stages using the vector drawing tool. the main black of the uniform was drawn on. then highlights and low lights added at the edges. then the major highlights were added over the uniform to give a leather look. a lot of blending, softening and smudging later, it was time to add the large red ‘X’ over the front of the uniform.

i then went back to the base layer and smudged the hands to create two fingers on each. the ear and eyebrows were also altered to a more elfish look. the eyes on the base pic are closed, so a little yellow was added to give the impression of slitted eyes. next the tail and shadow were added using the vector drawing tool again, in various colours blended together. an x-logo button of my own design was added to the front of the costume and some shadows cast on the body by clothes added. the tail was too light, so i darkened it by 25%. All done in PSP7. It took a few hours to find the source pics and decided on how i would do this, the actually manipping took about 6 hours in total. im very very happy with this manip 🙂

Looking back I need to add more definition to the pants, more and darker shadows would do it. Might have to redo this redo 😉 Also this was before I discovered Exiles but i think it could pass for Nocturne, the parallel universe daughter of Nightcrawler and Scarlet Witch.

C N F : The Usual SuspeX

Well here is my little contribution to the ComicsNFilm Day. Here we have Wolvie, Cyclops, Gambit, Nightcrawler and Morph. I’m not sure which one is Kaiser Soza. wolvies claws, cycs mask & gambits card added from scratch. all colouring done by hand. it may not be pretty.. but i find it amusing;) LH;)