Gotham by Knight (Based on Bruce Timm)

Based on a Bruce Timm sketch. Thought I would try something different and give it the feel of vector art. Inked using Inkscape then Coloured in PSPX2 as ever. The background comprises many layers of grey shapes interspersed with ‘mist’ layers created using smudge and gaussian blurred gradients set to screen. Moon is done in similar fashion.

Angel Medina Spiderman – Color LocalHero

From Angel Medina sketchbook. Color/Additional elements PSP x2

The angle of the drawing led me to the coloring choices. Someone on the roof of a dark warehouse would be somewhat in the shadows. As usual the background was created from multiple textures and gradients, distorted to fit the image. I even included my logo as graffiti. I really like how this turned out, particularly the cobwebs and little “Spidey” spiders 😉

Craig Rousseau’s Avengers Color: LocalHero

Craig Rousseau Pencils. Bob Almond Inks. From the 2001 Heroes Con Program Guide Colored in PSPX2 using many many multiply and screen layers. Can’t remember if this was an official Avengers line up (perhaps West Coast?) – Vision, Wonder Man, Scarlet Witch, Beast, Black Panther.

Belasco’s Bane – Art: Casey Jones Color/Layout: LocalHero

Digitally colored Casey Jones commission sketch. Done in PSPX2. many many layers!! Main background – Geiger Landscape recolored with ‘fire’ waterfalls. Inset filtered photo of random house from the web representing Xavier’s school. The arcane symbols over the top were a last minute addition but I think they work well.

Canada’s Finest Star? (V2)

Well the original version of this caused a bit of controversy over at Heromorph, what with talk of lions (or strangely Dogs?) licking thighs and jean paul being caught wearing Hudson’s (Guardian’s) long johns.. so here is a more traditionally colored costume for Northstar – still with the maple leaf motif. Tried simply removing the red tone but didn’t work so ended up adding white gradients to recreate the highlights from the original image.

Canada’s Finest Star?

Well I was at a bit of a loose end so I dug this out from my WIP folder.. begun in 2003 finished 2007. heh. anyways Antonio Sabato as Alpha Flight’s Northstar in a more patriotic uniform. I can’t remember exactly why i didn’t finish this before, but I think i was unhappy with the texture on the suit and the skin color (was originally a black and white image). Redid the color and the textures and tidied up some sloppy cutting and masking. fixed some shading. You may recognise the base from a couple of other submissions – Captain Britain springs to mind.;) nothing wrong with a bit of reuse. i realise this is more normally Guardian’s uniform, but I felt that a government sponsored team would all have similar uniforms. Maybe if i did it again I would add more of a nod towards Northstar’s original costume but in Canadian colours.