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Dark Phoenix (Art: Kevin Newburn) Colored

Another of Kev’s drawings, colored in PSPX2. Many layers and effects in this one. I especially liked what is happing with the background – the universe in flames almost. very fitting for this character. The only thing I think I could have done better is more shadows on the sash blowing in front of her – it looks kind of flat now.

Dawn (Art: Kevin Newburn) Colored

This drawing came up on the random image box over at Heromorph. I figured I hadn’t colored one of Kev’s images in a bit so here it is. Background is made of many layers including the skulls used on the dress/bodice layer – which in itself was a lot of pasting, rotating and distortion to match the “curves”, and my “classic” city scape silhouette approach. Mist done the same way as in previous pics.

Mantis (Art: John Buscema) Color

Well I have a few other things I am working on and it’s been a bit busy at work but I wanted to submit something new so here is Mantis (was girl of the week over at HM) as drawn by John Buscema. Colored in PSPX2 as usual. Background is an old one I downloaded from many moons ago, with a few tweeks by myself. logo made up as I couldn’t find one for the character.

Daredevil / Hulk (Art David Finch)

I found this Finch pencilled, Castro inked image and fancied adding some color to it. Think it looks not bad. tried a couple of different techniques here with varying success. The background is done in same fashion as my recent spidey pic but the resulting cloud/fog layer has been stretched horizontally and recolored to form clouds.

To the North of Kathmandu [Art: B Timm, Col etc: LocalHero)

I found the base image in the Heromorph Cookie Jar (cheers to Comicfan for the clean up). Original Artwork by Bruce Timm. The background was by Tony Hayes (bogwoppet) although I have distressed it somewhat to fit this image. Coloring etc done in PSP X2. Oh and title is from the poem/song The Little Yellow Idol

Bruce Timm’s Invisible Woman (Color/Eff: LocalHero)

Another colored Bruce Timm sketch, this time the Invisible Woman. I wanted to try something different so I tried to show her invisibility powers. The background is a screengrab from a Doctor Who episode, together with some overlayed graphics and additional sketch lines to tie the style to the original sketch.

Gotham by Knight (Based on Bruce Timm)

Based on a Bruce Timm sketch. Thought I would try something different and give it the feel of vector art. Inked using Inkscape then Coloured in PSPX2 as ever. The background comprises many layers of grey shapes interspersed with ‘mist’ layers created using smudge and gaussian blurred gradients set to screen. Moon is done in similar fashion.