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Michael Keaton as Batman [Pencils by Derek Dwyer]

Well I am having a bit of a superhero weekend what with browsing Deviant and watching superhero movies on TV. I came across the pencils for this image via one of the groups of which I am a member and was so taken by them that I had to have a go at inking and coloring/shading them as a gift to a talented artist.

Hope I did the image justice!

Subject: Michael Keaton as Batman
Pencils: Derek Dwyer [link]
Ink/Colors: Me
Character: DC Comics/Warner Bros
Using: Paint Tool Sai
Time: Around 2 Hours

Original Pencils: [link]

The Huntress [Original Artwork: Bill Maus] Colored

Well I found this image while browsing my hard disk, which I had started coloring some time ago but never finished. The original image simply had Huntress on a plain page with a disk behind her head, and the way it had been drawn there were no feet. In order to give the image some context, I extended the cloak downwards to wrap around the added chimney (upon which she is standing). This at least gives a believable excuse for no visible feet.

Other than that lots of layers, burning and dodging, and a couple of easters eggs for the sharp eyed. Enjoy.

For more art by Bill Maus visit http://www.billmausart.com




Gotham by Knight (Based on Bruce Timm)

Based on a Bruce Timm sketch. Thought I would try something different and give it the feel of vector art. Inked using Inkscape then Coloured in PSPX2 as ever. The background comprises many layers of grey shapes interspersed with ‘mist’ layers created using smudge and gaussian blurred gradients set to screen. Moon is done in similar fashion.

A Rainy Night in Gotham

Just an experiment mixing some images I found on Google with a formerly unfinished work in progress I had. Colored/inked using vector shapes. The rain effect was done by creating a new layer. This was then filled with white. I used PSP’s Add noise filter to add gaussian noise (25%) coverage. Then used the motion blue to create angled streaks. duplicating this layer multiple times (setting each layer’s blend mode to multiple) I then merged them and used the negative function to reverse the layer setting it to screen. this layer was then moved below batman but above the background. repeated the process with slightly different settings to create a layer of rain in front of batman. simple when you know how;) I couldn’t remember who did the drawing originally. As soon as I can or if anyone recognises it, I will add credit here.

The Great Divide…

Albea’s great work in the Timm style inspired me to do a quick manip of a few of his pieces into one scene. I thought the poses of the characters would be great to illustrate the rift between Nightwing(the original Robin) and Batman (& the new Robin). Let me know what you think, this was just a quickie to see how the pics would look together and I think it turned out quite well. As usual all characters by Albea, layout and background by me.