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Daredevil / Hulk (Art David Finch)

I found this Finch pencilled, Castro inked image and fancied adding some color to it. Think it looks not bad. tried a couple of different techniques here with varying success. The background is done in same fashion as my recent spidey pic but the resulting cloud/fog layer has been stretched horizontally and recolored to form clouds.

Kevin Newburn’s Daredevil – Inked & Coloured

I took the comments on the coloring of Kev‘s Hellboy to heart, and decided to do an inking & coloring of his Daredevil image. Done in PSP8 I started out by drawing over his image using the Vector Pen tool in black at 1.5 point to make vector shapes. I used this for the main outlines and body features. At this point I thought about which body parts overlayed others and so if you see the image uncolored, it looks a bit messy. I then used one of my leathery textures, colored deep red as a fill for the shapes, reduced 50% and rotated 45