Outcast WSC 28/01/2012 – Expressions (and an update)

WSC 280112 Expressions

Apologies I haven’t posted anything new to the site in a while, I have been busy and will try and get caught up with the backlog. Meantime here are a couple of sketches i did for the weekend challenge over at outcast http://outcaststudios.com/forums/index.php/topic/11717-weekend-challenge-elizabeth-montgomery-january-28-29th/ The topic was to reflect the expressions shown in the pics of Elizabeth […]

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SpiderManGeek Mask Design Variations

Found a great redesign of the Spiderman Mask by SpiderManGeek http://spidermangeek.deviantart.com/art/Spider-Man-Mask-Redesign-174895994 and thought I would ink it and do some different color variations. Top Left inked with classic weblines, top right movie ‘raised’ web lines Bottom – classic, symbiote, 2099 color schemes Spiderman is of course copyright Marvel  


DSC Lovember 16 Barbarella in Pygor’s Nest


My sketch challenge submission today is of a scene in Barbarella where she has just “thanked” Pygor the angel in her own bouncy way and he is off flying having regained his enthusiasm. Sketch itself is reduced up in the corner, and took about 15 mins. The rest took about 45 – 60mins to digitally […]


DSC Lovember 15 Shulkie


Midway through Lovember and finally we get to the Sensational She-Hulk, Jennifer Walters. I used my 2004 photomanip of Cindy Crawford as reference for this piece. http://www.localhero.org.uk/2004/05/wanted-litigator-apply-fisk-industries/   These roughs took about 30mins     The finished lines took about another 45 mins   The colors took another 60 mins as I was playing about a […]


DSC Lovember 14 James T Kirk Vs James T Kirk


Fun challenge today for an old trekkie – James T Kirk, Captain of the USS Enterprise. [link] Just quick head sketches today of both William Shatner 1966 Kirk and Chris Pine 2009 version.  


DSC Catchup 010811 Atomic Robo

Second catchup of the weekend – Atomic Robo is a robot possessing “automatic intelligence”, created by Nikola Tesla in 1923. He is a core member of Tesladyne Industries, “a thinktank dedicated to exploring the fringes of scientific inquiry”, whose Action Scientists often respond to paranormal and supernatural emergencies.[11] Robo has a developed sense of humor, […]


DSC Catchup 270711 The Darkness

Another challenge catchup from the Outcast archives – The Darkness is an ancient demonic power and a force of all evil in the world. The Darkness bonds with a male human host to carry out its physical missions in the corporal world: to spill chaos over the world of light. It leaves the previous user […]


DSC Lovember 11 007 Dr No

Didn’t manage to submit an entry for the friday challenge as I was out enjoying several alcoholic beverages with some folks from my work. A good time was had by all, be it somewhat emotional as a few team mates were moving on to other jobs. Anyways – no hangover this morning – just a […]


SC Lovember 10 Nightwing

Challenge subject today is Nightwing [link] Actually used a spidey pic as reference for the pose


DSC Lovember 9: Spiderwoman

challenge – Spiderwoman. [link] the image – just a quickie 20 – 30 mins – the pose was based on the one I did of Spider-Girl a few weeks ago.