A Rainy Night in Gotham

Just an experiment mixing some images I found on Google with a formerly unfinished work in progress I had. Colored/inked using vector shapes. The rain effect was done by creating a new layer. This was then filled with white. I used PSP’s Add noise filter to add gaussian noise (25%) coverage. Then used the motion blue to create angled streaks. duplicating this layer multiple times (setting each layer’s blend mode to multiple) I then merged them and used the negative function to reverse the layer setting it to screen. this layer was then moved below batman but above the background. repeated the process with slightly different settings to create a layer of rain in front of batman. simple when you know how;) I couldn’t remember who did the drawing originally. As soon as I can or if anyone recognises it, I will add credit here.

Scarlet Dreams – Misty Memories

Hello All. I haven’t submitted in art in the longest time and I woke up today and felt in the mood. I found this partially completed work in the WIP folder and thought I would finish it and post it. It started out as a simple coloring of a Joey Robinson drawing. But it was all coming together so nicely I started playing around with some filters and got this nice washed out watercolor effect. Hopefully I will be able to find the time to do some more soon.

And for those interested in seeing the unfiltered version, click on the image below: