Secret Wars Comics 2 Film Digital Concept Gallery Collaboration

These artists from all over the world collaborated on this photomanipulation replica of the cover to Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #1 (original by Mike Zeck). Dedicated to Robbo and

(Michael Jai White as) Iron Man by d_authority (w/ blbarett) Visit digitalblueroom.
(Eric Bana as) Hulk by Marcelo Gomes
(Tobey Maguire as) Spider-man by Swingerbone (M/20/Texas, USA)
Matt Damon as Human Torch by Darth_zaiyen
Angela Basset as Storm by Nathauan13 (M/20/ Los Angeles, California, USA)
John Leguizamo as Nightcrawler & Secret Wars title by Juvenilemike
Alicia Keys as Captain Marvel by Lady D (F/26/Ceará, Brazil)
Chris Klein as Colossus and layout by Ed Hopkins (M/30/Maryland, USA)
Tom Sizemore as the Thing by Bill Turner
Katie Price as Rogue by skye
Heath Ledger as Hawkeye by LocalHero (M/32/Glasgow, Scotland)
Victoria Pratt as She-hulk by Paul Tengco (M/24/Philippines)
Guy Pierce as Cyclops by Kevin “kev_incal” Leung (M/22/Alameda, California, USA)
Christina Ricci as Wasp by cyberSpice (M/22/Russia)
Casper Van Dien as Captain America by Black_Alchemy
Martin Sheen as Wolverine by bearbot

Secret Wars: Hawkeye

Here is my small part of the DCG Secret Wars collaboration – Heath Ledger as Hawkeye. I began with the pose as per the cover of Secret Wars #1. Using various parts of bodies, i began to build up the basic manip. The original pic was black and white, so i had to try and give it a fleshy colour (still not perfect though). The main costume was done using the vector drawing tool, with manual shading by hand. the bow was done in the same fashion. I think it looks better as part of the whole, but I tried to fit it into a new context for the indiviual pic.

Here are some of the intervening steps on the way to the larger image (which i will post seperately with details):

Transgender: Umbra

Well,  as most Transgenders seem to involve making male characters into females, I thought i would try changing Legionaire Umbra into a fella. I found the small pic of her from her pre-legion days i think. The guy is body builder Milos Sarcev. The pic was black and white, and he was originally wearing only his posing pouch, so everything else was added by me. It is my first real try at a cloak, and even that has taken me three attempts to get it looking halfway decent. I particulary like how the shoulder guard came out – definitely worth the effort put into it.


Thundercats Teaser

I got caught up in the thrill of nostaliga caused by the Thundercats theme day, and couldnt resist throwing this teaser poster together The logo is my own vector drawing, metal effects by eyecandy, light glow by animation shop [i did an animated one, but accidentally deleted it 🙁 ] anyways… enjoy;)

Pity rumours of a live action movie haven’t come to anything.. sigh.. maybe one day. I would even settle for a feature length animated movie.. Transformers had one after all.

Cyber2Reality: American McGee’s Alice

Well, this one kinda sneaked up on me. Here we see a promo poster for Wes Craven’s take on Alice from the American McGee game (one of my faves). This was a total frankenstein job, Rachel Leigh Cook’s face, body based on christy turlington, elements from game (logo, stained glass etc). the ‘omega’ pendant and all colouring, shading, lighting, wrinkles, additional hair by me. i really like this piece.

Note: Was originally created on a pc with a very dark screen, so the abrupt cut off on the arms and the background cheshire cat wasn’t noticed at the time.

Transgender: Rogue & Gambit – Savage Love

Here are my versions of Rogue and Gambit for the Transgender theme day. Rogue is Marcus Schenkenberg, I don’t know who the female in the pic is, but when i saw them together, i thought of Rogue & Gambit.

The original picture was black and white. I smoothed out the skin, smudging out nipples and blemishes. then i sketched out the basic costumes and colours. As i usually do, the costumes are built up in layers. if you look closely at the exposed areas of uniform you will see a woven texture to them. this is also me starting to do wrinkles and seams. the glasses were done from scratch. the white hair was drawn in three shades using the pen. Gambits coat is frankensteined from a raincoat advert. the dinosaur picture in the background i found on the web somewhere. i thought it gave a ‘savage land’ feel, hence the title. i then finalised the shadows and added the x-logos. i think it turned out quite nice.

DCG Exclusive: Robbo Revealed as Kingpin of Crime.

Well the truth had to finally be revealed, Robbo is indeed the Kingpin, not only of crime, but of C2F. Hope you like it. I took Robbo’s head from Yahoo messed about with the perspective, then smudge and softened it onto the kingpin pic i grabbed from marvel. the skin on the kingpin i recoloured to match robbo more closely. i added a slight shadow.

Transgender: Dan(ielle) Dare, Pilot of the Future

Well here is my interpretation of a female Dan Dare. For those of you not familiar, Dan was a character who became famous in the pages of Eagle comic, originally in the early 50s, but was reintroduced in the 80s.

The model for this pic was Sofia Vergara. The green jumpsuit she was wearing was just ideal for this concept. Although it may be a bit lost in the shadow, the first thing i did was giver her Dan’s distinctive eyebrow. I recoloured her eyes. Next I created the metallic buckle, and recoloured the zipper to match. The raygun is an actual Dan Dare Raygun that you could buy, shadowed to blend in with the pic. The hat was added, and recoloured by hand to match the jumpsuit. additional shadowing added. The IPS insignia used throuhout the picture was downloaded from the web and used at various sizes and various level of drop shadow and blur. the large one was also embossed to give it a more 3d look. The watch is actually a 70s attempt at a watch/voice recorder, rotated and shrunk to fit, with shadows added. finally added the framed Dan Dare pic in the corner for reference. the pic and the IPS text make it seem like a lobby or waiting room. enjoy local

Halloween: Spirits Of The Dead

Well, here is Rachel Leigh Cook as Death. The base pic was such a godsend, all i had to do to her was replace her red shorts. the whole layer was then desaturated to give her a deathly flesh tone. the lips were darkened using a red layer. the eye makeup was done using a vector layer set on multiply. i the ankh was drawn using the vector tool, then metalized using a filter. additional reflections of arms and pumpkin added manually. the pumpkin was one i found on the net, with the eyes and mouth added by hand and dodged to give a glowing effect. i added the shadow on her arm, and a faint orange glow on her arms from the pumpkin. the background was part of a larger pic i had, enlarged and smoothed to give a suitable moody feel. the text is Spirits of the Dead by Edgar Allan Poe.