Hellboy Art: SurfingEntity Color/Ink: LocalHero

This sketch came up on the random images in the front page over at Heromorph and I thought I would have a go at inking/coloring it. Done with vectors/textures & gradients. Background made up of several layers of random dots. The original sketch was very dark so I decided to keep it that way – which is kinda fitting given the character.


Following on from my Rahne pic, I thought I would have a crack at doing another “furry” from Marvel – This time Woodgod. Similar technique to the other pic, used a horses legs as a guide and added different shades of fur in layers over the top. swapped the hooves for ones with a bit more character and added the background (from Google) and some new grass/shadow in the front below the hooves. Logo is done using Vector Layers and a cherry wood pattern.

Silent Scream

I was sitting at my pc the other night looking through some old inhumans scans and I fancied doing an homage to Kirby Era Black Bolt. Did the main design elements of his suit in vectors, duplicated and gaussian blurred. then added many concentric hoops to simulate his scream. I didn’t want to ape kirby exactly, so the background is my interpretation of the kirby dots. Enjoy.