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Iron Man Mk II Art:Craig Rousseau Color:LocalHero

Just a piece of work I have had hanging around in my WIP for a long time. Finally got around to finishing coloring it. Many Layers (overlays/hard/soft light). The text is from scratch (not on original art) and a simple gradient on the wall/floor gives a good feeling of depth. Don’t think the metal looks too bad after all. I have of course made a silver version which I may upload if that’s allowed. The original artwork is a Craig Rousseau drawing.

ParkVengers #0: ParkVengers Assembled

Just thought I would introduce the cast of ParkVengers, I plan to use them in a few funnies when I feel the need for a bit of quick comedy art.. (ie. when my main manips have me tearing my hair out)..got a few in the series to kick off.. the rest will appear as and when;) Note: IM you will have seen already, all the others are new (I redid Cap again from scratch, to get that chainmail look he has again these days;))

Tony Stark Presents…

Here we see Tony explaining the various systems of a new armour to the rest of the Avengers (offscreen – lazy i know :p) I wanted to do a mix of animated style/real life action background and make them fit. The Iron Man Sketchets and the base image for Tony were taken from various issues of Advanced Iron (check it out if you are an IM fan). I brought the sketches together on a new image and used deform and various gradient fills to get that ‘display board’ look. Tony is simply colored using blocks of colors that were darkened to indicate lighting and shadow. The drop shadow was done manually using Tony’s outline as a guide. as was the board shadow. The panels were found via a google search for this variation of the armour.

Ferrus Maximus

Well this was just a little bit of fun, that turned out not too bad. The base picture is of Russell Crowe in Gladiator. His existing costume was coloured red. The gold ‘chainmail’ was added as several layers, with the grid recouloured and offset slightly for a 3d look. The helmet was inspired by a Bowden model. Majour amounts of smudging and smoothing later, and it looks fairly good. i also burned the face under the mask to give it more shadows. LH;)