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Gift: Andrew Collins & Josie Long / BBC 6 Music Saturday AM Show

Well i’ve been listening to and enjoying the BBC 6 Music Saturday Morning show with Andrew Collins and Josie Long. A fun mix of music and rambling chat. As a tribute / gift for their efforts I have pulled together a little picture for them, using their current twitter profile picture as the basis. Bit of photomanipulation, smudging etc, then outline drawn over the top with vector pen. 6 Music logo from BBC website.


Keep up the good work guys. Hope BBC renews the show as the format is pretty darn good.

Nomads: The Beast Unleashed

Image created to show an evolution in my Nomads RPG character – after an event which caused extreme stress (both physical and mental) to Hank, he underwent a further transformation into a more hulk like form (due to the gamma exposure). The image itself is based from an Ed McGuinness image of Hulk from during the run with Mark Waid i think.

Obviously the hulk usually wears ripped pants, but as Hank was wearing his X-Men uniform made of unstable molecule, it realigned itself to fit his larger form. I had to edit the lines of the original image to accomodate my character features and the uniform. I think I did alright. And also a new signature created from this image:


Nomads: Beast (Animated Signature)

Recolored and animated version of an Ultimate X-Men comic cover. This was created to be used over at marvel-boards as a tribute to my character in their ongoing RPG game Nomads (an Exiles themed rpg – not limited to characters based on Marvel originals but those are preferrred).


Anyway here we see Beast caught in a storm (lit by lightning flashes):