Deviant DSC – Gatchaman/G-Force Ken Washio

Today’s #dailysketchchallenge was Ken Washio / Eagle from Gatchaman. I remember this better as Battle of the Planets/G Force so I did this using a screen cap from the cartoon for reference.

The left hand image is the sketch and almost final lines done in the 30 minute time limit.

The right hand image is the finished greys/shaded – done in just over 60 minutes (with text etc).

Using Paint Tool Sai.


Michael Keaton as Batman [Pencils by Derek Dwyer]

Well I am having a bit of a superhero weekend what with browsing Deviant and watching superhero movies on TV. I came across the pencils for this image via one of the groups of which I am a member and was so taken by them that I had to have a go at inking and coloring/shading them as a gift to a talented artist.

Hope I did the image justice!

Subject: Michael Keaton as Batman
Pencils: Derek Dwyer [link]
Ink/Colors: Me
Character: DC Comics/Warner Bros
Using: Paint Tool Sai
Time: Around 2 Hours

Original Pencils: [link]

Deviant DSC Weekend Challenge – Localhero As Watchmen’s Rorschach

For the Weekend Challenge over at #dailysketchchallenge we were asked to do an image of ourselves as a hero or villain, and include an image of yourself that you used as reference. I decided I would do Rorschach from the Watchmen as I remembered I had this image of myself in a big coat (taken for my travel pass I think) from a couple of years ago.

Here is the image as at just after the 60 minute mark (challenge time limit). I will post a completed image because I enjoyed this so much I wnet on to finish it (color/background)! The fun bits so far were recreating the Comedian’s badge from scratch and coming up with an inkblot for the mask – I have tried to tie the pattern into my own facial features so a heavy block over/around the eyes and a hint of the mouth and beard at the bottom.


And here is the final version of my Weekend Challenge from #dailysketchchallenge. Finalised the coloring and recreated a background from the comic (smoggy sky). Smudged up the inkblot to make it look more like the movie and added lots of shading and highlights etc. Coat and hat now also have a texture as does the mask.

Done completely in Sai. Finished piece took around two and a half hours

Captain Britain (After Alan Davis Sketch)

Another inking and coloring of a sketch for practice in Sai. This time an Alan Davis sketch of Captain Britain was the source. As well as the head, I decided to add some “hills” as a background. Enjoy.

In other news I wasn’t particularly well today and spent most of it going between bed and another room. But my spare pen nibs arrived. Way to go Wacom!


Dobby & The Sword of Gryffindor

Well back at the start of July I did a pencil sketch of Dobby (or Dobbie as you prefer) The House Elf from the Harry Potter films. I decided to ink and color it today and here is the result. I have added the Sword of Godric Gryffindor to add a bit of interest and also Dobby is now clothed in his usual rag.  Follow the link for the original Sketch: Dobbie the house elf


DSC 12/08/2011 Arisia Rrab – Green Lantern of Sector 2815

Well for this sketch challenge I was inspired by a pose I saw in the Supergirl - May Happy Returns Trade Paperback where Supergirl meets Supergirl!

Anyway the basic sketch here took about 20minutes and then another 15 to get the coloring done.

So here we see Arisia Rrab, Green Lantern of Sector 2815

Sketch – Spiderman Costume Concepts

Just passing 10 minutes or so while waiting for my dinner, and thought I would have a go at a Spidey costume revamp like all the cool kids over at Marvel are doing these days.  Done over a DCUAnimated Male Teen Hero template.

The one on the left is of course traditional Spidey coloring, just a different configuration. I wanted to use the spider motif to differentiate the red and blue sections and so the middle set of legs on each side stretch down over the boots (front and back). For the mask I wanted to incorporate the multiple spider eyes look. Think it works ok.

The centre costume is obviously without color – along the lines of Spidey’s recent FF costume. The rightmost is a negative of the centre one (obviously) and could be seen as a variant of the Black/Symbiote/Venom costume.

Just a bit of fun really.


Sketch: Modern Savages?

Been watching the coverage of the rioters looting and burning across London this evening (and over the past couple of days). While the initial riot on thursday evening could be attributed to tension following the shooting of a young man by police (currently under investigation by Independent Police Complaints Commission), the rioting springing up across london over the following days up to this evening seem more concerned with causing damage as opposed to having any relation to the original incident.  I was trying to get things clear in my own head and was sketching while watching the coverage. Modern Savages? Maybe. Certainly not civilised behaviour.