Dazzler – Blinded by the Light

What if… Dazzler did actually release a single? This was just a bit of fun, messing about with metals and layers. The base pic of britney was from an advert for rollerboots. As a concept, rather than face paint, i tried to give her a 3dish mask(s), added the glitter ball & chain to all 5 britneys 🙂 the logo is made up of several layers – the bottom layer is a motion blurred britney, over that is a lightshow (coutesy of Ulead Particle plugin), the next layer up contains multiple pics of britney in various poses and colours. a rectangle was added over these with the dazzler cut out. applied an eyecandy chrome effect. hand coloured the highlights around the cutout on the chrome. LH

ORIGINS : The Beast Without…

Theme day submission. This started from the previous manip i did of the Hulk (based on a combination of a Randy Bowen Bust and a Jim Sweet statue). I found some good explosion pictures and decided to do the Hulks origin in the Gamma Bomb explosion. The explosion layers were built up to give it more volume. Banner was added at the very front of the explosion. The smaller hulk forms part of the explosive cloud and came from a picture of a model i found on the net. A bit of blending, shading, and there ya go.

TCATS CAST: Working on the Chain Gang

Body builder Shawn Ray as Panthro, seen here practising his martial arts. For Thundercats theme day.

The base pic was black and white. first thing i did was give it a blue/grey colour tone. The grass at his feet was coloured using a gold multiply layer at 50% transparency. this and the hills behind were then coloured uisng a green multiply layer at 50% transparency. The trees and bushes behind were done shaded using vrious greens to give them more volume. also added some brown for trunks, this was all softened to give a hazy distant feel. The sky was done using a gradient fill, over the top part. The shape of the figure was then cut out from all these layers to return him to his blue/grey colour. A lighter shade of the grey/blue was used on the chin and chest via a “screen” layer. the edges were softened and blended to the body colour. basic blue shapes were drawn over the figure to create the costume elements. these were shaded and highlighted by blending black and white layers over the top. the belt was done by using a metallic gradient fill on the lines at the top and bottom. the logo was drawn using the vector drawing tool then resized and rotated to fit the body angle.

This is my first proper attempt at those silly flappy boots. i think it kinda works. Added the wrist cuff and body spikes, all using metallic gradient fills and manual shading on top. Altered his ear and eye to be more catlike. I decided not to go for those big flappy cartoon ears, but instead a more streamlined natural verson. I originally considered submiting this without the nunchakas(sp?), but i think they do give it a more dynamic feel. drawn and shaded manually. the chain (vector drawn with the line using a metallic gradient fill) is a single link pasted multiple times in a straight line. then a half link was pasted over the top of these, offset slightly to give the linked look. i then dodged and burned the top and bottoms of each link to make it more realistic. Finally added the logo and there you go. LH

TCATS CAST: Nowhere to Run To

Another theme day at DCG.
SMG as Cheetara waiting for something to happen at the cat’s Lair. Found a pretty good base picture that didnt actually need much doing to it. Coloured the skin on the arms, fingers and legs. drew on the spots. added the distintive facial colouring. tweaked the eyes to make the pupils more cat like (lost a bit in compression). Created the chest logo from scratch, coloured shaded and shadowed. changed the perspective a little. added the staff using a gradient filled rectangle to which i added more shadow. added the staff’s shadow over the legs. finally added the main Thundercats logo. ROWR!!! LH

Blink Classic

My stab at a Classic(ish) Blink.Here she is relaxing during a quiet spell in exile. Skin coloured, dress coloured and highlighted. dress altered to show more leg. collar added and shaded. dart added and shaded and lighted. eyes added and shaded and rotated to exagerate the elfin look. Leg Band added, shaded and shadowed. Logos added. The model is Auriele Claudel The background is the roof of Kuala Lumpur Main Railway station;) LH

In the Blink of an Eye…

Just a concept i had for Blink;) The model is Diane Heidkruger. The base pic she was wearing black top and pants.

Skin coloured classic lilac, lips saturation on lips increased. highlighting added to black to give leather/pvc look. Added Circle and X to chest, with a black white gradient over to give shading. added pant detail and waist highlights, and shadow from hand on pants. added arm bands (in AOA Blink Colours) and shadows on upper arms. used a burn layer with the vector drawing tool to do those distinctive facial marks. Added flat colour eyes and shading layer.

Created a dart with a metallic gradient fill, which was duplicated and rotated a few times. this was moved to apper in the pocket i created on the pant leg to hold them. the pocket and darts were then shaded/highlighted. and a pink tint added to the top of the darts to show skin reflection.

Her hair was manipulated from another photo and shaded to match lighting. the pony tail i created myself using three shades of red/orange. this layer was then duplicated twice. once to adjust luminosity. and another as a dodge layer. the end of the ponytail was shadowed. created a multiple point star which was skewed and rotated to the right angle. two colours of corona added, white outside, purple inside. the whole thing then softened to complete the portal. the backdrop is from webshots, coloured blue to match mood of pic. finally logos added. hope you like.

J-Lo as Storm

It is my first attempt at this sort of thing that but I wanted to give it a go. It was done in Fireworks and PSP(First time using it!!). Background was created in Fireworks. Base image copied and greyscaled to create the hair, then the rest of the picture was removed to reveal the colour image below. The hair was then smudged to give it a better look. Belt buckle added in fireworks and resized and adjusted to match body angle. Eyes added and illuminated in PSP.

Local Hero Comment: I may have some competition here…

DCG REDO: Spider-Friends: Firestar – Avengers Costume

Well I decided on this one cos i thought it was great casting and I also had a copy of this same base pic that Swingerbone used.

First i coloured all the skin and Alyson’s clothes to a similar flesh tone, then using cut’n’paste, smudge, and soften i proceeded to remove the clothes (ooer!). i then added a gold multiply layer and cut out the shape of the main uniform. the gloves and collar black were added anf highlighted manually. then i cut out the v-neckline. bosom added manually as well as shadows from the uniform neck. added some more highlighting on the body and legs. next i added the fire collar and cuffs, and the flaming star on the body.

I don’t yet have confidence in my hair creation skills to try and emulate the style Firestar usually has (shown in the little picture in the corner).

Mask added and blended red and orange. added flames using eyecandy plugin. the background picture is from webshots i think, burned with a flame layer. the flame layer is also duplicated over the entire picture with the transparency set at 50%. Finally added logo and Firestar picture grabbed from marvel site. All this took about 4 hours. Hope you all like it(specially you swingerbone)