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Fantastic Four #167 Redo [Original: Fred Hembeck] Colored

Another coloring using PSP X2, this is me trying to get back into doing a bit more art again. Found this on the web some time ago and it caught my eye, just as a fun piece (as all of Fred Hembeck’s art is) that was done as a commission for someone. It looked like it would be interesting to color and it was. You can see an example of the original cover here Jack Kirby FF #167 and of the uncolored Hembeck image here at Chris Ryall’s Blog

Daredevil / Hulk (Art David Finch)

I found this Finch pencilled, Castro inked image and fancied adding some color to it. Think it looks not bad. tried a couple of different techniques here with varying success. The background is done in same fashion as my recent spidey pic but the resulting cloud/fog layer has been stretched horizontally and recolored to form clouds.


Following on from my Rahne pic, I thought I would have a crack at doing another “furry” from Marvel – This time Woodgod. Similar technique to the other pic, used a horses legs as a guide and added different shades of fur in layers over the top. swapped the hooves for ones with a bit more character and added the background (from Google) and some new grass/shadow in the front below the hooves. Logo is done using Vector Layers and a cherry wood pattern.

Nomads: The Beast Unleashed

Image created to show an evolution in my Nomads RPG character – after an event which caused extreme stress (both physical and mental) to Hank, he underwent a further transformation into a more hulk like form (due to the gamma exposure). The image itself is based from an Ed McGuinness image of Hulk from during the run with Mark Waid i think.

Obviously the hulk usually wears ripped pants, but as Hank was wearing his X-Men uniform made of unstable molecule, it realigned itself to fit his larger form. I had to edit the lines of the original image to accomodate my character features and the uniform. I think I did alright. And also a new signature created from this image:


Hulk Smash!: Target Aquired

The guy Hulk is bearing down on better get his shot of quick, cos the speed the hulk is moving he only has about 5 seconds to shoot (or go “OH SH*T!). :p

This started out as a pic of bodybuilder Orville Burke, I liked the pose and figured it might make a good Hulk. I cut him out of his original background and colored him green. His proportions weren’t quite right for the hulk so I cut and enlarged his hands/forearms and his calfs using smoothing and cloning to get back the missing detail.

The head is taken from a teaser photo of the hulk that was released yonks ago. I upped the brightness by duplicating the pic onto a couple of new layers set to screen. The head was then cut out and positioned over orville’s. I had to tweak the colors a bit to get a match. Over the top of this lot I put a leathery skin texture for some additional depth.

The pants were created in my usual manner of multiple layered textures and shaders. The background was a random Nevada desert shot from the net. The helicopter is one of the ones I used previously in my Ultimate Hulk/Cap pic a few months ago. The target sights created using vector shapes and set to screen. Added some text to show range/speed etc and on the other side of the target is a list of random numbers. The hulk logo was pieced together from the logo in the hulk movie site.

I also made a wallpaper version:

Battle for Beyond: Hulk Vs Thing

The hidden battle from Secret Wars. What we didn’t see was Hulk and Thing going toe to toe on a mountain top as the Beyonder looks on in the background through his rip in space. The latest in my digitally colored works began as an inking by Bob McLeod. The basic coloring is done using a version of the texture on a color, and one on a multiply layer. Additional highlighting done. In order to get some depth to the colour I used added some noise on an overlay layer. The logos were altered from the Marvel Versions by use of additional colour and texture. The background is cut from an image called Celestia III by Gene Martin (signature done in vectors from original). I liked how this turned out so much.. I signed it myself too rather than just putting my logo on it.

Joe Fixit – Grey Hulk

Well, someone used my old Hulk manip as a basis of a Joe Fixit pic. I thought i could do better so here it is. Starting with the original pic(which combined a Randy Bowen bust with a Jim Sweet statue and Lee Priest’s legs), minus the desert background, I removed the green hulk head. I remembered seeing another randy bowen statue of Fixit, and managed to find a publicity pic of the head and shoulders. I cut n pasted the head and neck onto a new layer over my hulk and began blending it in. I colorized the skin on all the layers with the same blue/grey. once everything was looking ok, i deformed the background hulk so it was a bit shorter and thicker. this would form the basic shape for joe fixit. I found a nice pic of a suit to use as a base, cutting various sections apart and blending them together on a new layer of the hulk pic. I’m not too happy with how the arms turned out, but was the best i could do in the circumstances. The legs of the suit from the original pic didnt cover the whole of hulks legs, so i duplicated and deformed them. I applied a woven blue texture over the whole suit set to overlay. the part over the tie was colourized to make it purple to match the hatband. next i added some highlights and shadows. finally the background and logos were added. the background was a bit bright, so i duplicated the layer, gaussian blurred it at a setting of 3, colorized it blue, then set it to multiply at about 50% opacity. Hope you like.

Nostalgia Is An Incredible Thing

A closer look at an element from yesterday’s image. Another digitally colored and textured Tom Derenick piece. This began as a page layout for the Avengers Vs Fantastic 4 i think, but I thought it would work well as a standalone snapshot style image. I like the dynamic feel of Tom’s work, and Jarvis rushing the staff out of the room in the background is a great touch. I thought it would be funny if this was Ben sending Bruce a little hint that he was up for a rematch, hence the handwritten message.

From the Desk of… Benjamin J Grimm

Well I guess this could either be the sequel or prequel to my ‘Ben baiting Bruce’ pic. I think it works better as the sequel, given the newspaper article.

The Bugle front page was created from scratch using a black n white sketch of the hulk i downloaded ages ago which had a news photo quality to it. (I have realised this was by Jim Sweet). The banner (no pun intended) line logo was cobbled together from a couple of pics. The article text made up on the spot. The desk also shows a couple of my Derenick/Hulk related pics. The small corner visible on the right is an Alex Ross recreation of the first Fantastic Four cover. An excercise in perspectives, but fun none the less.

National Register: Bigfoot says…

..Bigfoot Smash!

..Leave Bigfoot Alone!
Another quickie i did to pass an hour or so.. This pic started out as a black and white Tom Derenick sketch I found on the web. The pose of the Hulk looked reminded me of that famous Bigfoot picture. Nothing special in the process – some coloring, cut n paste onto a suitable background. logo from Hulk cover pic. Decided to run it thru a TV scanline filter for extra interest. I think Jack McGee would have killed for a picture this good.. 🙂

Ultimate Hulk Vs Captain America

Well.. what we have here is my attempt at recreating part of the Hulk Vs Cap battle from Ultimates #5. At this point they have had a tussle, with Cap coming off the worst at first. He steps back to check on the other team members before plunging back into the fray…

The image is made from a poseable Hulk statue and a Ult Cap America bust (both Bowen i think..). The hulk statue was posed against its box so the first thing i had to do was remove the box by cloning other parts of the grey dappled background. Using the smudge tool i then removed the joint lines on hulks legs arms ankles and neck. The Cap bust was simpler, as it was to be in the foreground, i just removed all trace of the original background.

I found an earthquake damaged street scene on Google and cut it up into chunks for the mid ground between hulk and cap and the background behind them. These parts were all tinged with a blue wash and darkened to keep the tone matching. Fire and glow added to the windows.

I desaturated the Cap layer by about 25% (more on that later). I roughed up Cap a bit by giving him a black eye and bloodying his nose, with a splash of blood onto the star on his chest too. This was done on an overlay layer with muted reds and blues that were then smudged to blend in a bit. Added dirt and dust to cap’s uniform by creating a smoke effect on a ‘color’ layer using Eye candy plugin. This was then coloured blue again to match the street dust. The shield was copied to a new layer and PSP built in chrome filter applied. This layers blend mode was set to multiply at 50% opacity. I then duplicated the main Cap layer and applied some spot lighting using the PSP illumination tool. This layer’s mode was set to soft light at 75% opacity. This brought the saturation levels back almost to where they were, but with a new lighting bias. (see it told you i would get there…)

The sky was from the net, recoloured and flipped. The Apache helicopters were also from Google, deformed to fit the pic. Added lights manually. The search lights were a gradient filled triangle, softened and set on a screen layer. The flames in the building windows were made by using the pen to draw in red, then two oranges, then a yellow, with the same colours used around the window frames. This layer was then duplicated set to screen and gaussian blurred with a radius of about 3 to get the glow. The three tracer bullets were done in a similar fashion, with the path being gradient filled vector lines.

Altogether this pic is made of about 30 layers.

HULK – The Movie Adaptation

Just a cover concept for the adaptation of the HULK movie into a graphic novel. I think it kinda has an Alex Ross feel to it.

This is the latest in my series of manips based on busts.. although the base pic for this wasnt a bust as such.. but a cookie jar!!!. I found the base pic while browsing through a comic memorabilia store online, and it immediately caught my attention because of the quality of the sculpting. The first thing i had to do was remove the line where the lid (head and shoulders) and the body met using the smudge tool. I continued to smudge over the pic to get a more painted look. The bottom of the jar was smudged out to give the impression of paint thinning at the edges. Next I duplicated the layer, applied a gaussian blur of about 4, applied my own combination of brush stroke filters, and set the layer mode to lighten, this gave the picture a pleasing glow.

The Hulk logo was added and givem the same treatment. The ‘cloud’ box around Hulk is just that. It was a bluish picture of clouds at night, which again was given the paint treatment. This was placed on a new layer over Hulk, with the mode set to exclusion, which gives the greeny faded look. The area directly over the hulk was cut away and the edges softened to accentuate the glow. Finally grabbed the marvel logo from their site. I think it turned out pretty nice, so i hope the rest of you like it too.

Wolverine Vs Hulk #1

Another in my series of manips using busts as the basis for the picture. This is the first version of a pic using Hulk and Wolvie busts to recreate their battle in the woods, this time beside a lake. The hulk model is pretty much untouched other than altering the angle a bit to give more of a lunge. Wolvie I had to alter the angle of the head so he was looking upward slightly rather than down. The combined pic was then run through my ‘grainy drawing’ process to give the effect you see and I added the logos.

ORIGINS : The Beast Without…

Theme day submission. This started from the previous manip i did of the Hulk (based on a combination of a Randy Bowen Bust and a Jim Sweet statue). I found some good explosion pictures and decided to do the Hulks origin in the Gamma Bomb explosion. The explosion layers were built up to give it more volume. Banner was added at the very front of the explosion. The smaller hulk forms part of the explosive cloud and came from a picture of a model i found on the net. A bit of blending, shading, and there ya go.

Leave Hulk Alone!!

My First proper composition rather than just adding costume. The basis for the hulk’s chest/head came from a pic of a Randy Bowen model. The Arm was frankensteined from a Jim Sweet model , flipped and merged. Legs from Lee Priest with calve muscles bulked up by cutting below the knee, enlarging, pasting back onto original pic. The perspective on the legs were then altered to thicken and elongate them slightly. legs arms and torso combined and blended. pants drawn on then coloured(still not happy with effect). Finally found a nice desert shot for a background, added some shadow and if you look closely you will see hulk needs to wash his feet;). Hope you like and feel free to point out where ive gone wrong with the pants 😛