WSC 301011 Monster X-5-2011-73

Military Scientific Report X-5-2011-73. Classification: Top Secret.

To: Colonel Breen

Subject: Project Update

Subject 73 is showing a great deal of progress. As you will be aware we have been attempting to combine various of the materials
recovered by your team. So far our success has been limited. With the current iteration however, we have been able to stabilise the
reaction prior to loss of viability of the subject. We are currently investigating why this particular blend has been successful where
others have failed. Obtaining tissue samples from the subject is proving difficult due to the extreme agression and animalistic traits
which have presented themselves (See attached file for further details and images).

Meanwhile it would be of great assistance if you could supply further information on the circumstances of the recovery of the
following Materials:

DNA Sample recovered from the remains of Tad Trenton (4 years), from Castle Rock, Maine.
Note: Appears to be from some form of Canine DNA.

DNA Samples and chemical Solution labelled as having been removed from the laboratory of a Dr Herbert West of Miskatonic University in
New England.
Note: Solution appears to reverse the effects of necrosis in body tissues. Unable to identify origin of DNA samples.

Cadaver of victim of a presumed animal attack in Bailey Downs.
Note: I have examined said cadaver prior to commencement of the testing and the wounds look more like those inflicted by human teeth
and nails.

DNA Sample recovered from a mine in the town of Prosperity, Arisona.
Note: Appears to be some form of arachnid DNA.

I look forward to recieving your response by return messenger.

From: Dr Matthew Roney

For those unfamiliar with the above – they are from the following movies: Cujo, Re-Animator, Ginger Snaps, Eight Legged Freaks. The
good Colonel and Doctor named in the above message are both characters in the 50s tv serial drama Quatermass and the Pit (a personal
favourite of mine)

The impetus for this was the Outcast weekend challenge to come up with your creepiest original monster.

And the Steps to create the image

1 thumbnail
2,3 & 4 “nodes” sketch – main body joints and head, spider legs
5 & 6 basic shapes – main body and head, spider legs
7 filled out sketch with some details
8 pick out best lines from sketch and ink over
9 clean lines
10 lines with additional detailing and shadow



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