XMas: Gift for Trygonez – Ghost Cop

After completing my manip of Trygonez as Captain Britain, I somehow came to the conclusion that maybe he didn’t quite fit the request, so I did another one.. Here is Trygonez as Ghost Cop, a character who appeared in Planetary. The poor chap’s spirit had somehow been trapped on a Hong Kong street corner when he was brutally murdered, and he was forced to return and dish out some retribution on other murderers.

This was also a lot of fun and didn’t really take that long to do, including the time to find the source pics. The main body of the pic was taken from one of the posters for Matrix Reloaded (yep that’s morpheus’s body in there). I removed the original head and blended Trygonez’s onto the body. Much additional shading and roughening later and a bit of a gradient fill over the top, followed by a run through the watercolour filter and it isn’t that far away from the Cassady pinup I used as the inspiration. Enjoy your Christmas Trygonez!


XMas: Gift for Trygonez – Captain Britain

Since one of Trygonez asks was for a male character from the X-Men camp, I thought I would look for one that hasn’t been done a million times. I know technically Cap here isn’t a mutant, but as one of the mainstays of eXcalibur, i guessed he would qualify.

This was actually a lot of fun to do, even if it does have a lot of fiddly layers. The body started of as Antonio Sabata Jr in shorts. This provided the base for the shading, lighting. everything else you see is artificially created, with the exception of our very own Trygonez’s face which i had a heck of a job colouring from the blueish tinged original. If you check out behind the flag.. you may see something in the cloudy sky… Merry Christmas Trygonez, I hope you enjoy your present.

Love, Or Something Like It’s Got A Hold on Me

Another piece using the art provided by Albea. We spent so long saying it would be nice to see them in a scene or a group, I did this to see how it would look. Both WW and Supes characters were submitted alone by Albea, my part was just to bring it together, background etc. The concept? Well Superman should have an equally noble and powerful partner, both in heroics and in love, and who better that Wonder Woman. Well, who knows.. it might happen….

The Great Divide…

Albea’s great work in the Timm style inspired me to do a quick manip of a few of his pieces into one scene. I thought the poses of the characters would be great to illustrate the rift between Nightwing(the original Robin) and Batman (& the new Robin). Let me know what you think, this was just a quickie to see how the pics would look together and I think it turned out quite well. As usual all characters by Albea, layout and background by me.


Gift for Everyone – Original Concept: SilkScreen

Well I had this idea kicking about in the back of my head for the best part of 2-3 months now, and it finally sees the light of day. I guess the final inspiration was the Prime Director (cheers Marcelo). Here we see SilkScreen (my original character) daydreaming about Prime Director as she plasters her bedroom with pictures from the DCG. For your infomation these pictures represent the cream of the DCG artists pool as decided by Essex each day, yes they are all 240 of the front page pictures that have appeared since I posted my first piece back in June up to the Day I am posting this one. Now I must rest.. my eyes hurt something chronic;)

Notes: The model is Kelly Brook. Prime Director is of course Marcelo Gomes’ work. The background is all YOUR work. You are all an inspiration to me. The purple suit is what she was originally wearing while standing in water. I tried to add some translucent panels over her chest, I think it came out okay. The cloak and shoulder clasp were added by hand. Then I downloaded all of the front page pics created thumbnails of them and began to build up the background. 240 odd individual layers later and I was pleased with the result. See If you can identify your work in the background. SilkScreen: She has the power to alter the opacity of herself or any object she can visualize, effectively rendering them invisible. Her powers are still forming and who knows what she is really capable of. cheers, Local