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Flash Photography

Well, my first submission of something done in Poser. Just a tester really, I am still getting to grips with the program when I get a minute or two. The Flash model was downloaded from Animotions. Post work done in PSP8: Lightning, new backdrop, motion blurring/ghosting, framing. Added some fingerprints from those annoying people who don’t hold pics by the edges..;)

From the desk of… LocalHero

This is a little bit of fun I had early this morning.. it’s amazing what an inability to sleep can do for creativity! I wanted to do a bit of practice with perspective, so I found the pic of the desktop on Google. Then I layered on some of my recent pics and even some works in progress I am currently working on. Using the freeform deformation tool, I tried to match the perspective of the desk and pc screen. I added the C2F logo to the cup by deforming it, then cutting the top and bottom of the square logo pic to give a curved edge. then I darkened the furthest away edge multiple times as it curved round the cup. this layer was set to softlight. I duplicated the logo layer and set it to color. the art page shadows were done using the vector tool to draw straight black lines which were blurred. the shadow of the page hanging over the edge of the desk was done using a gradient fill. the cap/wolvie pic i did recently i tried to make look like a comic by duplicating that layer a couple of times offset slightly. A little bit of cutting of my first Invisible Woman pic and a new shadow, and the pencil looks like it is on top now. The WIPs showing are all based on Tom Derenick sketches. Just a bit of fun, but surprisingly effective. I am definitely going to use this to frame other art in future.

Films2Comics: YODA – Dagoba Knights

A belated entry to the Films2Comics Theme day. I forgot when this was due and all the pics today reminded me.. must check the Calender thread more often..grrr. I finally finished this one tonight, mostly just laying out and the 3D effect. Yoda started out as a bust complete with white plastic light sabre. First thing i did was cut him out of the background. I added the glow to the plastic light sabre as per the process in the Hints N Tips thread. The background is a section of one I used before in a Transgender submission. Duplicated the Yoda layer, colorized it red. Set this to soft light at about 50% opacity. this gave Yoda a slightly red feeling to match the background. Added the border and text using vectors. I merged then merged all the layers. Created a new empty image and filled a layer with a wood texture. Free-deformed this to create a ‘desktop’ feel. I dragged the Yoda pic onto a new layer in the desk image. I free deformed it till i had a nice perspective. Duplicated this layer to make front and back covers. Then it was a matter of adding the pages using the line tool, and also the shading where the bindings are.. and we have a trade paperback version of Yoda’s adventures on and off of Dagoba with the few remnants of the Jedi Order he managed to save after Darth Vader’s betrayal.

From the Desk of… Benjamin J Grimm

Well I guess this could either be the sequel or prequel to my ‘Ben baiting Bruce’ pic. I think it works better as the sequel, given the newspaper article.

The Bugle front page was created from scratch using a black n white sketch of the hulk i downloaded ages ago which had a news photo quality to it. (I have realised this was by Jim Sweet). The banner (no pun intended) line logo was cobbled together from a couple of pics. The article text made up on the spot. The desk also shows a couple of my Derenick/Hulk related pics. The small corner visible on the right is an Alex Ross recreation of the first Fantastic Four cover. An excercise in perspectives, but fun none the less.