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Say Cheese (Thing & Franklin) [Art: Mike Deodato] Colored

Another piece I started a while back and never got round to finishing. I loved this grey scale drawing created by Mike Deodato of Ben and Franklin the moment I saw it. It really captures the family feeling that Fantastic Four comic exudes when well written. Anyway this was basically coloring over a grey scale image to get the basic blocking, and then creating additional multiple/overlay and screen and gradient fill layers to give the color the same depth that the greyscale image had. Once I was happy with the coloring I flattened the layers and then applied a brush strokes filter to give it a more messy look. Most of this was done way back in 2004 however I never posted it then. I had another look at it today and tidied up some of my masks and edging and tweaked some of the coloring as I wanted Ben to be more orange than the original stone color I had. Anyway hope you folks out there enjoy it. And thanks again to Mike for making a great image in the first place

Fantastic Four #167 Redo [Original: Fred Hembeck] Colored

Another coloring using PSP X2, this is me trying to get back into doing a bit more art again. Found this on the web some time ago and it caught my eye, just as a fun piece (as all of Fred Hembeck’s art is) that was done as a commission for someone. It looked like it would be interesting to color and it was. You can see an example of the original cover here Jack Kirby FF #167 and of the uncolored Hembeck image here at Chris Ryall’s Blog

Bruce Timm’s Invisible Woman (Color/Eff: LocalHero)

Another colored Bruce Timm sketch, this time the Invisible Woman. I wanted to try something different so I tried to show her invisibility powers. The background is a screengrab from a Doctor Who episode, together with some overlayed graphics and additional sketch lines to tie the style to the original sketch.

F4 Concept: Ben J Grimm AKA ‘the Thing’

Just an experiment in PSP8 using masks (which I hadn’t used that much in the past). Ben is weight training while Johnny annoys him as usual. The base model is body builder Greg Kavaks, who already had pretty big arms, but I cut these out, enlarged them (and the bar bells) and blended them back into the base pic. The background is made of a few different textures including galvanized zinc and black ceramic tiles. The flame was done using a custom gradient fill smudged into a flamelike trail. an additional softened gradient fill used to give an orange glow to the rest of the background. Thing’s head was based on a mask I saw. USed this to get the basic shapes which were made using the pen and various flesh tones from the base pic. The rock texture is one of my stock and was put on a multiply layer. Edited various mask layers to reveal the sections of the base pic and arms/barbells I wanted to show. The logo was made from one cut from a comic cover, with additional texturing and the rest of the text is done in Fantastifont. The ‘4’ logo is from the teaser pic I submitted previously.

1st Pic Redo: Invisible Woman

Well, it’s been about year since I found this site and began enjoying the artwork everyone posts to the DCG. While I know it’s not a year since i started posting art myself, I was at a loose end today so I thought I would have a go at the first pic i submitted.

This time we see Sue Richards and everyones favourite ever-lovin’ blue eyed Thing in a corridor on a Skrull ship. Starting with the same grainy 50s/60s cheescake drawing, first thing I did was smooth out the face, and the edges of her existing underwear. Her eyes were a bit smudge so I made some new ones. The costume was created using a faux-suede texture on various multiply colour and burn layers. The seams added using white lines on an overlay layer and a black line, together with a black line gaussian blurred on a multiply level for depth. The 4 logo was done from scratch using vectors. To create the gloves, collar and belt (or bottom hem.. was never quite sure) I desaturated areas of the texture multiply layer.

The background was found via Google, resized and cut to fit the dimensions i was going for. The Thing was from the gift i did for Squedge (using Squedge’s own Thing sketch). I created a deeper rocky feel by adding additional rocky texture on a multiply layer. The shadow on the floor was created by flipping Thing, selecting the area, filling the shape with a gradient and applying a blur. this layer was set to overlay. I think the combination works with the angle of the background image. Suzies invisibility was done by using a graduated irregular mask to fade out the layer she is on. The font for the logo was downloaded from http://www.ffplaza.com/ check it out if you are at all interested in Fantastic Four.

Concept: Human Torch

This is just an experiment in recreating the latest take on the Human Torch (seen in the upper right background). I thought the Heath Ledger pose conveyed the cocky feel the character has.

The original tshirt logo was removed by cloning and smudging the original green tshirt. This unfortunately meant the texture was lost. I got around this by creating a soft light layer with a blue woven cotton texture on it. This layer was duplicated and set to color. The 4 logo was done using the vector tool on an overlay layer. The flames and skin were done suing various reds and oranges on overlay layers to give a glowing ember feel. I dunno if the fire effects really work, but for a quick concept it conveys the idea.

Blast from the Past: Invisible Woman

Well, my first manip I posted on the DCG was of the Invisible Girl/Woman, and this is another of my early manips that at the time i didnt feel was worthy of posting. Seeing as we have a bit of a lack of submissions at the moment and I am having a bit of a dry spell with new manips, I thought it would be good to compare an early manip against my later ones and see if i have improved any. I think i have.. just a smidge.. and that is only because of the help advice and criticism that is available from all you lovely artists. Keep up the good work. This is Peta Wilson (Nikita) as Sue.

Note: Not too in love with the invisibility effect. Would have been better with a busier background. Ah well.

Rick Schroeder as the Human Torch

I noticed someone suggesting this casting for a Fantastic Four film, and i thought.. hmm.. that might work. The head is from a NYPD Blue publicity shot, the body is the same bodybuilder i used for my Captain America. I corrected the colours on the head and body to more closely match them. I then created a repeating flame texture, which i overlayed onto the body layer. spot flames were added, then smudged and blended around the body. finally i added some fiery eyes and the 4 logo on his chest. It was just a quickie, let me know what u think of the casting or the picture.

The Fantastic Four (Minus Two)

I think casting Harrison Ford as Reed with Anne Heche as Sue would work very well. they have acted together in an action comedy to great effect, but both can provide very strong dramatic performances too. not sure yet who i would have completing the FF, maybe Heath Ledger as Johnny and Bruce Willis as Ben/Thing Voice.

My First Manipulation – Invisible Woman

Invisible Woman
Invisible Woman

Well here goes.. after a few weeks browsing the other submissions at the new defunct Comics2Films site (absorbed by Mania.com), i decided to have a go myself. Found this pic.. somewhere;).. and thought.. hmm there could be a Sue Storm.. erm showing my age there.. Richards in it. This is my first mod. hope you like it.