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Craig Rousseau’s Avengers Color: LocalHero

Craig Rousseau Pencils. Bob Almond Inks. From the 2001 Heroes Con Program Guide Colored in PSPX2 using many many multiply and screen layers. Can’t remember if this was an official Avengers line up (perhaps West Coast?) – Vision, Wonder Man, Scarlet Witch, Beast, Black Panther.

ParkVengers #0: ParkVengers Assembled

Just thought I would introduce the cast of ParkVengers, I plan to use them in a few funnies when I feel the need for a bit of quick comedy art.. (ie. when my main manips have me tearing my hair out)..got a few in the series to kick off.. the rest will appear as and when;) Note: IM you will have seen already, all the others are new (I redid Cap again from scratch, to get that chainmail look he has again these days;))

Rise of the Machines: Ultron Recharged

Just a quickie I threw together for this theme day, as Ultron has always been a pretty cool robot and villain.

Started with the photo of the Ultron bust downloaded from the net, added a couple of different background textures, deformed to give a nice perspective. Added some gradient fills to simulate shadows. Added Ultrons shadow to the floor by creating a filled selection and deforming it, then blurring it. The laser beams and reflections in Ultron were created using blurred vector lines.

Still looked a bit flat so I added another layer with the wall texture set to soft lift, and cut out ultrons shape to simulate the reflection. Finally added some glows to his eyes and mouth. The border and text was done with Eyecandy chrome filter. The font is Beast Machines (a transformer font).

Nostalgia Is An Incredible Thing

A closer look at an element from yesterday’s image. Another digitally colored and textured Tom Derenick piece. This began as a page layout for the Avengers Vs Fantastic 4 i think, but I thought it would work well as a standalone snapshot style image. I like the dynamic feel of Tom’s work, and Jarvis rushing the staff out of the room in the background is a great touch. I thought it would be funny if this was Ben sending Bruce a little hint that he was up for a rematch, hence the handwritten message.

DCG REDO: Spider-Friends: Firestar – Avengers Costume

Well I decided on this one cos i thought it was great casting and I also had a copy of this same base pic that Swingerbone used.

First i coloured all the skin and Alyson’s clothes to a similar flesh tone, then using cut’n’paste, smudge, and soften i proceeded to remove the clothes (ooer!). i then added a gold multiply layer and cut out the shape of the main uniform. the gloves and collar black were added anf highlighted manually. then i cut out the v-neckline. bosom added manually as well as shadows from the uniform neck. added some more highlighting on the body and legs. next i added the fire collar and cuffs, and the flaming star on the body.

I don’t yet have confidence in my hair creation skills to try and emulate the style Firestar usually has (shown in the little picture in the corner).

Mask added and blended red and orange. added flames using eyecandy plugin. the background picture is from webshots i think, burned with a flame layer. the flame layer is also duplicated over the entire picture with the transparency set at 50%. Finally added logo and Firestar picture grabbed from marvel site. All this took about 4 hours. Hope you all like it(specially you swingerbone)