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Secret Wars Comics 2 Film Digital Concept Gallery Collaboration

These artists from all over the world collaborated on this photomanipulation replica of the cover to Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #1 (original by Mike Zeck). Dedicated to Robbo and Comics2Film.com:

(Michael Jai White as) Iron Man by d_authority (w/ blbarett) Visit digitalblueroom.
(Eric Bana as) Hulk by Marcelo Gomes
(Tobey Maguire as) Spider-man by Swingerbone (M/20/Texas, USA)
Matt Damon as Human Torch by Darth_zaiyen
Angela Basset as Storm by Nathauan13 (M/20/ Los Angeles, California, USA)
John Leguizamo as Nightcrawler & Secret Wars title by Juvenilemike
Alicia Keys as Captain Marvel by Lady D (F/26/Cear√°, Brazil)
Chris Klein as Colossus and layout by Ed Hopkins (M/30/Maryland, USA)
Tom Sizemore as the Thing by Bill Turner
Katie Price as Rogue by skye
Heath Ledger as Hawkeye by LocalHero (M/32/Glasgow, Scotland)
Victoria Pratt as She-hulk by Paul Tengco (M/24/Philippines)
Guy Pierce as Cyclops by Kevin “kev_incal” Leung (M/22/Alameda, California, USA)
Christina Ricci as Wasp by cyberSpice (M/22/Russia)
Casper Van Dien as Captain America by Black_Alchemy
Martin Sheen as Wolverine by bearbot

Secret Wars: Hawkeye

Here is my small part of the DCG Secret Wars collaboration – Heath Ledger as Hawkeye. I began with the pose as per the cover of Secret Wars #1. Using various parts of bodies, i began to build up the basic manip. The original pic was black and white, so i had to try and give it a fleshy colour (still not perfect though). The main costume was done using the vector drawing tool, with manual shading by hand. the bow was done in the same fashion. I think it looks better as part of the whole, but I tried to fit it into a new context for the indiviual pic.

Here are some of the intervening steps on the way to the larger image (which i will post seperately with details):

J-Lo as Storm

It is my first attempt at this sort of thing that but I wanted to give it a go. It was done in Fireworks and PSP(First time using it!!). Background was created in Fireworks. Base image copied and greyscaled to create the hair, then the rest of the picture was removed to reveal the colour image below. The hair was then smudged to give it a better look. Belt buckle added in fireworks and resized and adjusted to match body angle. Eyes added and illuminated in PSP.

Local Hero Comment: I may have some competition here…

The Tempest: Storm Rising

My latest piece was a request from my parnet. I removed the jewellery from the base picture. Added the uniform. the hair is a negative of halle’s own hair messed about and smudged to give it a better feel. added the piping on the uniform. the eyes were done in a couple of stages, first drawn and shaded by hand over the original eyes, then the glow was added using PSP starburst function(thanks Sue for pointing that out). the lightning added and softened in the back. finally the title was added. regards LH;)