Here we find Rahne Sinclair who has just caught the interest of a Savage Land T-Rex. Well i’ve had this floating about unfinished for a few years now and finally managed to put it to bed. I seem to recall the pose was the first thing that attracted me to the pic, as it immediately cried out to be made into a crouching hero – but which one? I decided that I would have a go at Wolfsbane – seeing as I hadn’t really attempted fur. The model is estella warren. I cut the body from the background and began layering on hairs. This was build up in patches with additional shading done on each set. The grass was done in a similar way. I can’t really recall why I got stuck with it, but I think that it was the original hair that kept putting me off. In the end I just removed it all and added new hair using a wig image as a base and adding more layers. The background pic I have used before in my Rogue/Gambit transgender. (Original Model Estella Warren)

Supergirl – Lost Daughter of Krypton

Just a quick manip of Kristiana Loken as Kara Zo-Rel. Multiple background layers – new york (yes I left in the towers!), couple of exploding planets overlayed and some kryptonian script. Supergirl herself is recolor of Kristiana’s original clothes with some alterations to make the belt/skirt and the cape added from scratch. removed some (few) blemishes and enhanced the eye color. Little ship in the background is kara escaping the explosion. Wanted to do a more realistic version of the current costume, but I prefer the highly saturated feel, these are comic characters after all. This is an homage to the helen slater supergirl promo poster of her flying over new york

Classic Beast. Art: Bob McLeod Color: LocalHero

Found this Bob Mcleod drawing of Beast on my old hard disk and thought I would have a go coloring it. The background started as a generic sci fi off the web, recolored in the style of the movie complex and the smoke added. The dotted pattern added over the floor is a digital representation of dna. The rest is just many colored layers.

Iron Man Mk II Art:Craig Rousseau Color:LocalHero

Just a piece of work I have had hanging around in my WIP for a long time. Finally got around to finishing coloring it. Many Layers (overlays/hard/soft light). The text is from scratch (not on original art) and a simple gradient on the wall/floor gives a good feeling of depth. Don’t think the metal looks too bad after all. I have of course made a silver version which I may upload if that’s allowed. The original artwork is a Craig Rousseau drawing.