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Site Update 28/6/2011

Well a few more pics left to add from my archive of stuff that was posted to the former Digital Concept Gallery over at Comics2Film and I shall be able to move onto stuff I created sinc. I had a break from doing comic stuff as I was really into playing RPGs so there will be banners and maybe the odd screenshot.


Additionally I have finalised the new site logo – a variation of my Artwork mark – so from now on the site is Artgasm 😉

Site News June 19 2011

Well I am slowly getting through my back catalog of images to add in for the sake of posterity. The hard part is pulling the original art notes together with the image and publishing date (and then the monotonous task of creating the post, tags etc)

133 images in  and I reckon I have 142 more images to add from my Comics2Film/Digital Concept Gallery days.  A lot of work, but hopefully worth it in the end.

Also plan on adding the various avatars, banners and images created for RPGs I have played that weren’t submitted to other art sites.

Wish me luck!