WSC 07/07/2011 Tiger Blood Panels

Decided to go and try some sketch challenges. Here is the first:

Complete a 4 panel layout for Sweattshop's comic Tiger Blood:

Panel 1. (Worms eye - medium) Tiger Blood is crouched on a rooftop edge. The moon rising behind him.

Panel 2. (Birds eye - wide) Over TB's shoulder we see four thugs with guns waiting outside an alley way door.

Thug one: "We're gettin' payback tonight"
Thug two: "Hey, maybe cops shouldn't have families. It's a dangerous line of work.

Panel 3. TB leaps into the thugs ripping the chest of one thug, grabbing the gun of another while it fires into the air. 
TB: Roooarrr!
FX: tat tat tat tat 

Panel 4. TB has the thug by the throat and two others are pointing their guns in TB's direction but everyone is staring at the shadowed figure with the reptile hand.
Reptile: "Ssss, Kitty bleeds now..."

Well it is not something I usually do but was kinda fun - not sure if I really met the brief but gave it a shot.

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