CoConcepts: Judgement’s Day

DCG Theme Day – Your own interpretation of other members character. Something about WonderWomanGoddess’s character description appealed to me and so here is my attempt at bringing it to life. I hope you don’t mind I took a couple of liberties 🙂 Original Description: “She’s called Judgment. A near death experience gave her the power to see into a persons soul, to see their most extreme sins and virtues. She’s a vigilante, and uses her power to determine if those who cross her path live or die. Visually, she has red hair, pale skin, green eyes. Her eyes have a supernatural green glow. Her standard outfit is a black or dark green tank top, black mini or pants, and old school black cowboy boots. The only distinguishing feature about her outfit really is her belt buckle, which is a metal pentagram with a green eye in the center of it.

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