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Deadpool – Would you like fried with that?

Well I haven’t submitted anything in a while and I was reading some Cable/Deadpool recently and thought I would revisit one of my earlier submissions. A reworking of my coloring attempt from 2003 of Kevin Newburn’s Deadpool image. Kev’s work can be found at http://www.devildinosaur.com/

The basic work is the same as before but I have made the color a better match for the comic costure, and paid more attention to the highlighting. Also I have added a little humor in keeping with the character. If you are interested Wade’s name badge says “How may I kill you today?” Below is a side by side comparison of sketch and finished art.

The earlier version can be found via the tags below.

Scarlet Dreams – Misty Memories

Hello All. I haven’t submitted in art in the longest time and I woke up today and felt in the mood. I found this partially completed work in the WIP folder and thought I would finish it and post it. It started out as a simple coloring of a Joey Robinson drawing. But it was all coming together so nicely I started playing around with some filters and got this nice washed out watercolor effect. Hopefully I will be able to find the time to do some more soon.

And for those interested in seeing the unfiltered version, click on the image below:



Nomads: Sinistra – Redesign

This was my take on my friend’s Nomads RPG character Victoria Essex (Sinistra). In between missions she had a costume revamp to a more team-like uniform (with stylized N for Nomads in red) The rest of the uniform was styled after Enchantress costume with a few contempory touches. This was done using a few different drawings as a basis for various elements (Adam Hughes for Hair and miniskirt.. that sort of thing) which were then traced/amended to fit character. A sort of manipped sketch.

Valient: Firefly

Haven’t submitted anything in ages. This is a simple digital coloring of a drawing I found online. The original was by someone called Robyn (sorry I don’t have any more details, it was downloaded a while ago.) I altered the drawing to fit in with my friend’s RPG character Firefly. More hair, gloves, clothes added. background made from various images layered together with masked sections. It represents the view from the Valiant team base on Muir Island.

FXM Additional: White Queen Tryptich

Feeling a little jaded this year, so I haven’t done much new art yet.  To keep things going though here is a quick collage of the images shown being Emma Frost in my Press:FXM image from last September. Each image is a manip of Jaime Presley’s face onto Greg Horn covers for the Emma Frost comic series.  As these were going to be shown pretty small in the background I guess i didnt spend as long on some of the placement (left hand image) as I would have for a full size piece, still i think the effect is pretty good none the less.

Kevin Newburn’s Deadpool – Inked & Colored

I just love coloring Kev’s work. I think it’s his clean fluid lines. Anyway, I thought this would make a good mock cover for Agent X.

The coloring is done in using colorized textures, in this case my favourite leather one. I inked over the sketch using the vector pen. Added some extra detail to the costume in the form of raised seams. The shading was done on a seperate layer using soften on gradient filled shapes. This was the circular gradient offset to the left. This layer was built up and additional HSL adjustments done to give wrinkles. Needed more so added white lines on a soft light layer to highlight the wrinkles.

The sword is done from scratch, with the handle grabbed from a Deadpool pin up (i was getting lazy/tired). The Agent X logo was downloaded from JuvenileMike’s DSN site. The marvel logo I cut previously from an old cover scan. The background is from my stock and is made from an alleyway, colorized orange, and a flame pic on a screen layer.

Emma Frost / White Queen Early Concept for FXM

Going to be a bit busy this month with work, so here is an early concept i was playing with for the Magazine Theme Day over at DCG.  I prefer how it ended up (check Sep 1 post for what was eventually used), but this version does have something about it that is interesting i hope. The larger size may make some of the costume detail more obvious – especially the stitching.


Press: FXM

Theme Day Submission. Well I have been messing with this pic of Jaime Presley as Emma Frost for a week or so, and almost submitted it in a slightly different form (big thanks to Juvenilemike, for comments and encouragement) but I ended up doing it this way. And I think it works so much better. Other than Jaime herself (well most of her!), and the manipped Greg Horn prints in the background – pretty much everything in this was created from scratch.

Nomads: Sinistra

Here is a manip I did for my good friend Enchantress over at marvel-boards.co.uk based on her description of her character in the new Nomads RPG we have going. Name: Sinistra Real name :Victoria Jean Essex. Here is Jaime Presley manipped. Costume is a more feminine version of Mr Sinister (Victoria’s father). Blended her existing bikini into a full body suit and adjusted the colors. The cape is created from multiple leather texture pieces rotated/skewed to give it more volume.  Background created with multiple layers are with a DNA theme. Used this as practice for my big theme day submission. Look out tomorrow!

Nomads: Beast (Animated Signature)

Recolored and animated version of an Ultimate X-Men comic cover. This was created to be used over at marvel-boards as a tribute to my character in their ongoing RPG game Nomads (an Exiles themed rpg – not limited to characters based on Marvel originals but those are preferrred).


Anyway here we see Beast caught in a storm (lit by lightning flashes):

Imagine My: Blink

This is my ‘backup’ character for an comic based RPG called “The Nomads” that’s about to begin based on the Exiles style… my main character is Beast (Universe 666 Version :p) but I thought I best sort out a backup (in case I snuff it early on in the proceedings.. anyways.. I figured I would do a manip and it seemed to go with this theme day (although If we did another Transgender one it might have gone there) so here we go:


Blink (Post “Days of Future Past”)

Real name: Clark Ferguson

Occupation: Leader of Human Resistance

Identity: Public

Legal status: Citizen of SCZ(Sentinel Control Zone) 001 (formerly United States of America)

Place of birth: St Louis, Missourri

Group affiliation: Human Alliance Resistance Movement

Base of operations: Mobile (Currently in ruins of New York City)

History: Clark was born to mutant parents, shortly before they were captured while travelling to northwards to the Canadian Border. Clark spent the early years of his life growing up in internment camps, learning to survive by running errands, always listening and learning. Seperated from his parents at the age of 13, Clark was transferred to the South Bronx Mutant Internment Center. Initially alone in the camp, which was much larger than any of the others where he had been detained, Clark began wandering the complex, learning all it’s secrets. This was a routine he had been through before many times in many camps. On one such expedition, Clark ran into an older boy, Franklin Richards and a pretty redhead named Rachel Summers, who took it upon themselves to look out for Clark. It was through Franklin and Rachel that Clark came to meet and befriend the men and women who’s selfless act would be the catalyst for his later life. Piotr Rasputin, a gentle russian giant with a talent for story telling, his wife Kate, their friend Ororo who’s startling beauty could not be disguised by the hard life they were force to lead. And last but not least, Magnus, who although wheelchair bound had such a strength of will and purpose that it was impossible to think of him as an invalid. As the next few of years passed, Clark became more closely involved with the lives of his new friends, learning of their former identities as X-men, a group of mutants dedicated to protecting both mutants and the humans who feared and hated them. He also heard rumours of an underground resistance movement making raids on the camps and sentinel strongholds up near the Canadian Border. There was also word that the Sentinel were planning on expanding beyond the borders of the former US. Clark believes his friends are hiding something from him and follows Franklin to one of the Camp houses. Slipping inside and hiding, Clark watched as Kitty returns from a sanctioned trip outside the camp for medical supplies, but she has also brought something else, a small electonic component. Clark listens in awe as they talk of now being able to disable the inhibitor collars all mutants are forced to wear. But that is the least of what they intend to do. There is talk of time travel and altering reality, much of which goes over Clark’s head, but what does grab his attention is his first sight of a mutant using their natural powers uninhibited. As the group prepare, Rachel has Kate, relax on a mattress, and then begins to talk to her very softly, calmly. Rachel continues to whisper to Kate on and off for the next couple of hours as the rest of the group come and go, obviously preparing for something that is about to happen. It is at this a gruff voice behind him tells Clark, he needn’t hide in the shadows any more. Shocked that he has been spotted Clark literally falls out of his hiding place as a short stocky man with an odd accent steps into the light. “Logan” it seems has come to aid the former X-men’s escape. Unwilling to take Clark with them due to the dangerous nature of the task ahead, they persuade him to stay with magnus to cover up their escape. The group fade into the darkness of one of the service access tunnels. Later that night Magnus and Clark hear rumors of a failed attempt by a group of mutants to destroy the Sentinel Control Centre in the Baxter Building. All the mutants are dead. The shock news of his friends death triggers Clark’s mutant ability – teleportation – causing himself and Magnus to be flung nearly 100 miles outside the camp almost instantaneously The next four years are spent hiding, fighting and learning. Magnus teaches Clark both about leadership and also techniques to control his gift. Rechristened “Blink” because of his ability to move from one place to another in the blink of an eye, Clark has gathered a small band of similarly minded individuals around them all with one purpose – to end the reign of the Sentinel.

Current Age: 20

Height: 6 ft. 2 in.

Weight: 220 lbs.

Eyes: Shining yellow, no visible pupils

Hair: Blue Skin: Pale Blue, with distintive facial markings that appeared following his first ‘blink’

Strength Level: Clark has the normal human strength of a man his age, height, and build who engaged in intensive regular exercise

Known superhuman powers: Blink possesses the ability to generate teleportation warps, allowing him to displace people and objects. His maximum range hasn’t yet been determined, although with his current level of expertise he can move his entire group instantaneously a distance approximately 500 miles. Blink can also manifest the energy portals in the form of discus shaped weapons, which cause their targets (or parts of their target) to teleport. This power can be used offensively and defensively. The effective range of these discus is approximately 200 metres. Additionally Blink carries adamantium darts (liberated during an early mission) which he can use over a much longer range. By throwing the dart, and instantly ‘blinking’ it, it can effectively hit its target with the same velocity it had upon leaving his hand. It is unclear as to how Blink targets the destination for teleportation, but he may have a subconcsious precognition which automatically retargets him before materialisation to prevent appearing inside a solid object.

Excalibur: The OmniPark

Well, I haven’t done one of these in ages.. and Essex said the gallery (DCG) was running a bit low on submissions.. so I proudly present.. in the South Park Stylee.. Kitty, Brian, Kurt & Megan.. better known as Shadowcat, Capt Britain, Nightcrawler.. and erm.. Megan;), collectively known as Excalibur. They are here about to access the Siege Perilous.. and enter *bom bom bom* the OmniPark… where all South Park universes meet.

COSTUME: A Portrait of an Angel

I wanted to take part in this theme day, AND fill a request.. Brian Gaskill in the red Angel uniform (dunno if I got the right one though.. as he had a couple).

So here we see Angel admiring a painting of himself in his original X-Men uniform. The red uniform is a recolor of the previous blue uniformed Archangel I previously submitted. The wings have been desaturated and brightened. The background pic was painted using my wacom tablet over another image of Brian. Everything is new other than the eyes and mouth area. Tried to give a cloudy sky impression in the background. Added a perspective shadow on the wall from the front Angel.

X3: Emma Frost, Professor of Telepathy

Just another concept for the next X-Men movie. Courtney Thorne-Smith as Emma. Let’s face it, with this teacher you would definitely come to attention..

This was just a quickie really as we were discussing castings over on marvel-boards.co.uk and I wanted to do a realistic costume for Emma, but still keep her flirtatious, almost vampy style.. Found a suitable chest to use as a base and positioned it over the original t-shirt. Recolored it to more closely match the base. Used the smudge tool to extend the skin area. Cut out a distorted X shape. Used vector point to point to create highlights and shadows for seams around the X.

Found a chicken wire texture on the net, used this to create a fishnet style front piece for the t-shirt. Used the mesh warp tool to distort it to follow the curves of the chest and the pull of the t-shirt. created a drop shadow, and additional shadowing at the shoulders and chest for the t-shirt. Brightened up the eyes, and added the x to the belt. A simple gradient fill and border to give it a nice look.

Not X3: Archangel

Keeping with the tradition of a new blue person in each movie.. hehe.. not really.. We had a request to see Brian Gaskill as Archangel, So here it is my own take. Costuming from scratch using the usual techniques, background from xmen, a pic of an Angel Bust, and a smaller unfinished Brian Gaskill/Angel manip as screen type box outs. Body donor was Antonio Sabato. Tried to give the wings a metallic look but not sure if it really pays off.

Ultimate C2F: LocalHero – Lion Heart

Another theme day submission. In the Ultimate Universe, LocalHero is the protector and Champion of Scotland, heir to the mantle of William Wallace.

Back story: Was struck by lightning during a freak storm while visiting the Wallace Monument in Stirling.

Abilities: LocalHero has the ability to generate highly charged plasma using metallic objects as a conduit. Skilled Marksman and Swordsman. Exceptional Athlete and Martial Artist. Using metal threads laced through his uniform to channel plasma and create a frictionless field can achieve flight capability at up to 200MPH for approx 2 hours

Weapons: Chromium Steel/Vibranium Sword, Chromium Steel/Vibranium Guns (Contain no shells. Used as focus to create and channel plasma projectiles.

Ok.. notes: Base Model: Chris Genkinger (Body Builder) Recolored the body and added my face (well one side of my face flipped and resized. Background: Window view from Duntulm Castle. Flags cut from seperate image, plag pole extended and placed on the cliff side. The floor is from a stone/brick texture i have, deformed and shaded to add some realism. Costume: Done using my usual method. Glasses: cut from Cyclops X2 image.

Used a mask to alter the lens transparency Colorized blue to match costume. The tartan headband was a late addition, I wanted to include something of my heritage, so that is my mum’s Clan Tartan – Mackay. The logo is the one I have used for years, it was inspired by the Lion Rampant on the gold flag. I gave it a raised feel using Eyecandy Bevel Boss filter, then deformed and manually reshaded it to match chest. The zipper is from the same base pic i used for the Vamp:Spidey Iceman manip.

Sword/Guns: from previously downloaded stock of objects. Recolored and deformed to fit. Glow on sword done using Eyecandy’s corona filter. I was tempted to do a belt, but then I decided the gun holsters were an integral part of the costume.. Used the sword image again in the logo to reemphasis the scots feel by replicating the St Andrews cross design from the flag. All original backgrounds removed using mask layers