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Lara Croft Inked [Pencils: Steven Lisefski]

Well Steven Lisefski [link] was so gracious about me inking and coloring his Black Panther (Pencils: [link] / Inks: [link] / Colors: [link] ) that I thought I would surprise him with another inking.

This was another of his #dailysketchchallenge submissions and was intended as a quick drawing. Steven did express some reservations about the face, so I did my best to address this in the inking. I may have made his cave dwellers a bit too cute (although Lara still has no problem shooting them)

Pencils: [link]

To the North of Kathmandu [Art: B Timm, Col etc: LocalHero)

I found the base image in the Heromorph Cookie Jar (cheers to Comicfan for the clean up). Original Artwork by Bruce Timm. The background was by Tony Hayes (bogwoppet) although I have distressed it somewhat to fit this image. Coloring etc done in PSP X2. Oh and title is from the poem/song The Little Yellow Idol

Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Laracroft C2F Offer

There was a thread in the forums at C2F about stuff that should be for sale in the C2F shop… so I Was messing about with this as a gift for our very own Laracroft… just for being gorgeous :p but it fits in well with this theme day so.. anyone want to trade?;)

How: Grabbed some pics from Ashley’s site (it was a real chore :p ) cropped them all to the same size. Created an overlay using gradient fills. The font is Beast Wars. Applied the overlay to all the pics as a screen layer. cut off the extra to round the edges. rotated the pics to 15,30 and 45 degrees and applied drop shadows. Pulled them all together in one pic. applied a background, some text and the C2F logo.