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Captain America & Patch: Red Skull Dairies

Another digitally coloured Tom Derenick sketch. I particularly like how this one turned out. Some of it was very fiddly, but using the lasso tool to help me restrict where i was coloring helped. I am actually enjoying this colorist lark.. whether i have found my new calling in life is another matter. The Cap logo is done from scratch, and you may recognise the Wolverine logo from my earlier Hulk Vs Wolvie pics.

Nostalgia Is An Incredible Thing

A closer look at an element from yesterday’s image. Another digitally colored and textured Tom Derenick piece. This began as a page layout for the Avengers Vs Fantastic 4 i think, but I thought it would work well as a standalone snapshot style image. I like the dynamic feel of Tom’s work, and Jarvis rushing the staff out of the room in the background is a great touch. I thought it would be funny if this was Ben sending Bruce a little hint that he was up for a rematch, hence the handwritten message.

From the Desk of… Benjamin J Grimm

Well I guess this could either be the sequel or prequel to my ‘Ben baiting Bruce’ pic. I think it works better as the sequel, given the newspaper article.

The Bugle front page was created from scratch using a black n white sketch of the hulk i downloaded ages ago which had a news photo quality to it. (I have realised this was by Jim Sweet). The banner (no pun intended) line logo was cobbled together from a couple of pics. The article text made up on the spot. The desk also shows a couple of my Derenick/Hulk related pics. The small corner visible on the right is an Alex Ross recreation of the first Fantastic Four cover. An excercise in perspectives, but fun none the less.

National Register: Bigfoot says…

..Bigfoot Smash!

..Leave Bigfoot Alone!
Another quickie i did to pass an hour or so.. This pic started out as a black and white Tom Derenick sketch I found on the web. The pose of the Hulk looked reminded me of that famous Bigfoot picture. Nothing special in the process – some coloring, cut n paste onto a suitable background. logo from Hulk cover pic. Decided to run it thru a TV scanline filter for extra interest. I think Jack McGee would have killed for a picture this good.. 🙂

Shadowcat’s Pryde

Another Tom Derenick sketch quicky coloured and textured by me. the coloring was done via colour and multiply layers. The wall texture is one i had on the PC for a while, skewed to fit the perspective. The ‘window’ is a crome effect using eyecandy again skewed to fit. drew the window frame using vector tool. Turned out pretty sweet for about 45 mins work.