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Thundercats Teaser

I got caught up in the thrill of nostaliga caused by the Thundercats theme day, and couldnt resist throwing this teaser poster together The logo is my own vector drawing, metal effects by eyecandy, light glow by animation shop [i did an animated one, but accidentally deleted it 🙁 ] anyways… enjoy;)

Pity rumours of a live action movie haven’t come to anything.. sigh.. maybe one day. I would even settle for a feature length animated movie.. Transformers had one after all.

TCATS CAST: Working on the Chain Gang

Body builder Shawn Ray as Panthro, seen here practising his martial arts. For Thundercats theme day.

The base pic was black and white. first thing i did was give it a blue/grey colour tone. The grass at his feet was coloured using a gold multiply layer at 50% transparency. this and the hills behind were then coloured uisng a green multiply layer at 50% transparency. The trees and bushes behind were done shaded using vrious greens to give them more volume. also added some brown for trunks, this was all softened to give a hazy distant feel. The sky was done using a gradient fill, over the top part. The shape of the figure was then cut out from all these layers to return him to his blue/grey colour. A lighter shade of the grey/blue was used on the chin and chest via a “screen” layer. the edges were softened and blended to the body colour. basic blue shapes were drawn over the figure to create the costume elements. these were shaded and highlighted by blending black and white layers over the top. the belt was done by using a metallic gradient fill on the lines at the top and bottom. the logo was drawn using the vector drawing tool then resized and rotated to fit the body angle.

This is my first proper attempt at those silly flappy boots. i think it kinda works. Added the wrist cuff and body spikes, all using metallic gradient fills and manual shading on top. Altered his ear and eye to be more catlike. I decided not to go for those big flappy cartoon ears, but instead a more streamlined natural verson. I originally considered submiting this without the nunchakas(sp?), but i think they do give it a more dynamic feel. drawn and shaded manually. the chain (vector drawn with the line using a metallic gradient fill) is a single link pasted multiple times in a straight line. then a half link was pasted over the top of these, offset slightly to give the linked look. i then dodged and burned the top and bottoms of each link to make it more realistic. Finally added the logo and there you go. LH

TCATS CAST: Nowhere to Run To

Another theme day at DCG.
SMG as Cheetara waiting for something to happen at the cat’s Lair. Found a pretty good base picture that didnt actually need much doing to it. Coloured the skin on the arms, fingers and legs. drew on the spots. added the distintive facial colouring. tweaked the eyes to make the pupils more cat like (lost a bit in compression). Created the chest logo from scratch, coloured shaded and shadowed. changed the perspective a little. added the staff using a gradient filled rectangle to which i added more shadow. added the staff’s shadow over the legs. finally added the main Thundercats logo. ROWR!!! LH