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DSC Catchup 270711 The Darkness

Another challenge catchup from the Outcast archives – The Darkness is an ancient demonic power and a force of all evil in the world. The Darkness bonds with a male human host to carry out its physical missions in the corporal world: to spill chaos over the world of light. It leaves the previous user (and takes his life) as his first child is conceived. The Darkness then awakens within the host on his 21st birthday. Darkness hosts can create anything they desire with The Darkness, even sentient beings, but anything they make will crumble to dust in the light. The Darkness is quite deadly allowing the user to manipulate the shadows/dark to call forth darkling minions to do his bidding and even survive gunshots. It can also be used to maul and feed on people. The Darkness does not function except in the dark, but some users can also manipulate this by creating their own shadows/darkness (smoke-grenades, turning off lights in a room, being underground, etc.).