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Supergirl – Lost Daughter of Krypton

Just a quick manip of Kristiana Loken as Kara Zo-Rel. Multiple background layers – new york (yes I left in the towers!), couple of exploding planets overlayed and some kryptonian script. Supergirl herself is recolor of Kristiana’s original clothes with some alterations to make the belt/skirt and the cape added from scratch. removed some (few) blemishes and enhanced the eye color. Little ship in the background is kara escaping the explosion. Wanted to do a more realistic version of the current costume, but I prefer the highly saturated feel, these are comic characters after all. This is an homage to the helen slater supergirl promo poster of her flying over new york

SuperGirl – Peaceful Summer

Well this is a manip I have been working on of Kristiana Locken as Supergirl (the actual photomanip isn’t finished but I wanted to try something different with what I have done so far.) The original pic of Kristiana was of a magazine cover and she is wearing a purple swimsuit. I manipped on the costume (will provide details when I post the actual finished manip) and then have been trying to tweak it for the past week or so. Anyways I wanted to submit something new and I thought I might try giving it a sketchy look.

I have tried this before with various levels of success and failure but I think this one turned out ok. I merged all the layers in my WIP together to get Kristiana in costume cut out on a layer of her own then I found a nice background at eldargraphics.com which matched the lighting and coloring of kristiana quite well. flipped the background to match pose and merged both layers together. duplicated the layer. On one layer I added some random white noise and then used my trusty old penpartner tablet and began to ‘scratch’ away at the picture to give the impression of pencil strokes. The other layer I used the edge preserving smooth at max and then enhanced edges and finally traced contours to give ‘layout’ lines and add some definition back to some of the shapes. all in all I think it came out quite well.. and now back to the manip itself.. maybe.

Supergirl Lives

I recently saw someone do a WW manip using this Kirsten Dunst base pic. I immediately said to myself she would make a great Supergirl and so here it is.

The S-logo is my own work using vectors. It is used on her shirt and in the main logo. The t-shirt was made by selecting the exposed skin on her chest and promoting it to a new layer. I then reduced the saturation and colored it slightly blue (as true white doesnt look like real white). I then smudged her breasts to give the impression it was figure hugging [after looking at it for a while, i guess i could have worked at this some more :)].

The skirt was added manually over her pants and shaded with a few wrinkles. The boot laces were added manually to the complete the costume. The background i created previously for some of my Cap America pics. It was lit to give the impression of bright spot lights. Added a shadow on the floor and wall manually using a deformed filled shape of kirsten, blurred using the gaussian blur. Also added a hint of some buildings at the foot of the flag. I think it turned out ok for a couple of hours work.