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DSC Lovember 7 Power Girl

The challenge today is fanboy favourite Power Girl http://outcaststudios.com/forums/index.php/topic/11346-daily-sketch-challenge-power-girl/

I didn’t want to just do the typical TnA pose and remembered seeing a great costume design over at Project Rooftop by Joel Carroll http://joelrcarroll.deviantart.com/art/Power-Girl-112505230 and used that costume as reference. Think it turned out quite nice after about 60 mins or so. The pose itself was inspired by a Ringo image of superman http://www.localhero.org.uk/2007/09/mike-wieringos-superman/

Outcast Studios – Live Draw Night – 25/09/2011 – Hour 3

Outcast Studios (home of the Deviant Daily Sketch Challenge) had a great little event this evening – a mock convention Artists Alley with appropriate fan request challenges. [link]

The third hour challenge was split into two parts, each with a 25 min time limit:

  • Produce a Group shot with Doc Strange, Iron Fist, Batman Beyond, Spidergirl and Powergirl.
  • Produce another Group shot with the above but change the sex of one character and the age of another.

I made a start but my stomach started hurting and I had to take a break. When I came back I got the basic layout of the first part figured out, but it was nowhere near good enough to post so I just left it and moved onto Hour 4.

Edit: I managed to concentrate on Monday night long enough to get the two parts completed and posted.

Part 1 – (Including time spent last night) Took 1.5 hours:


Part 2 – Changes took just under 25 mins. Powergirl became Powerman, and Iron Fist let himself go a bit as he got older: