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Deviant DSC 06/09/2011 – Poison Ivy

Well I got home from work and started doing the #dailysketch challenge while my dinner was cooking, got distracted by tv, came back to the sketch and didnt like it so started again.

This image took just around 45 minutes – a bit beyond the 30 min time limit but I wanted to add a bit of color to it. I based it on an old life study I did so I had the pose already, just needed to redraw it.

Challenge: Poison Ivy
Tools: Sai
Copyright: DC Comics

From the desk of… LocalHero

This is a little bit of fun I had early this morning.. it’s amazing what an inability to sleep can do for creativity! I wanted to do a bit of practice with perspective, so I found the pic of the desktop on Google. Then I layered on some of my recent pics and even some works in progress I am currently working on. Using the freeform deformation tool, I tried to match the perspective of the desk and pc screen. I added the C2F logo to the cup by deforming it, then cutting the top and bottom of the square logo pic to give a curved edge. then I darkened the furthest away edge multiple times as it curved round the cup. this layer was set to softlight. I duplicated the logo layer and set it to color. the art page shadows were done using the vector tool to draw straight black lines which were blurred. the shadow of the page hanging over the edge of the desk was done using a gradient fill. the cap/wolvie pic i did recently i tried to make look like a comic by duplicating that layer a couple of times offset slightly. A little bit of cutting of my first Invisible Woman pic and a new shadow, and the pencil looks like it is on top now. The WIPs showing are all based on Tom Derenick sketches. Just a bit of fun, but surprisingly effective. I am definitely going to use this to frame other art in future.