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X3: Weapon X-Periment – Collosus

Using the same process as my previous piece to create collosus, and a wider shot of the same background. Here we see Collosus being forced to extend his stay in Steel form by being immersed in a vat of acid. The tank is created using layered gradient fills. The unknown model is one I have used previously (in my first Cap America manip and in a Human Torch manip)

X3: Kitty’s Dream…

…is that beneath his Man of Steel exterior Colossus has a heart of gold… :p This was just an attempt at getting a realistic effect for the organic steel. Done using both Eyecandy Chrome filter, and the built in PSP Chrome filter on overlay layers. and a bit of smudging and softening. Added the belt and additional manual highlighting. I found this picture of Cameron Mathison (which had a caption similar to the first line of these notes and set me off on the idea) and thought it would be a good pose. The background is one of the X2 concept art pieces from the official site.

Notes: I realise looking back he appears to have a 10 pack. Some guys are just greedy. Must pay more attention in future!

Blast from the Past: We all stand together!

Another of my older manips that i didn’t submit at the time. This is just a collection of busts plonked together in a ‘come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough’ kind of pose. At the time i wasn’t confident enough to try and give the colossus bust arms, so the placing of the other characters is more or less to hide the fact he’s (h)armless…