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Blast from the Past: Transgender Captain America

Well this is one i never got round to submitting for the Transgender theme day, but since i had three pics in it already, i don’t suppose anyone missed another one. Same base pic as i used for a Invisible Woman manip, I think Peta Wilson is a great model for this sort of thing. maybe even a good casting choice :p

Blast from the Past: Invisible Woman

Well, my first manip I posted on the DCG was of the Invisible Girl/Woman, and this is another of my early manips that at the time i didnt feel was worthy of posting. Seeing as we have a bit of a lack of submissions at the moment and I am having a bit of a dry spell with new manips, I thought it would be good to compare an early manip against my later ones and see if i have improved any. I think i have.. just a smidge.. and that is only because of the help advice and criticism that is available from all you lovely artists. Keep up the good work. This is Peta Wilson (Nikita) as Sue.

Note: Not too in love with the invisibility effect. Would have been better with a busier background. Ah well.