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WSC Catchup 220711 Mr and Mrs Outcast

Was looking for something different to draw today so went back into the Outcast Archived challenges again and pulled out this one http://outcaststudios.com/forums/index.php/topic/10885-weekend-staffers-challenge-mr-mrs-outcast/

The challenge: If Outcast Studios were to host a happily married super heroic tandem in action… what would they look like??? What powers would they have?
The only guideline here is that they’re a male and female couple each bearing the Outcast Studios logo letters “OS” is some way or fashion. Showing their powers in use is a plus. Designing their super powered pet is entirely optional!

Seen Here

Mr Outcast = Multitool – with the ability to transform his body into artistic implements; pens, pencils, knives, brushes etc

Mrs Outcast = Prismatica – with the ability to generate large quantities of liquid of many colors, Prismatica is the perfect partner for Multitool