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Believe! Superman/Superboy Concept

Just keeping my hand in with manipping really. Here we have Marcus Schenkenberg (whom I’ve used before – see my ‘Blink’ piece) as a younger Man (Boy?) of Steel.

Had to do a fair bit of cleaning up on the original image as there was a lot of text to remove. The costume was made by first creating a composite texture made up from three separate elements – leather, faux suede, and chainmail (much reduced in size) – to try and give it some texture (similar to spidey’s movie costume which I love the texture on the blue sections) Then I created a layer to apply the texture. Using the lasso tool to create appropriate areas, the texture is applied at various angles to match the body shape at that area. I then mask of the extra leaving the areas that would be the suit. Using the same mask I duplicate the original model layer, tweaking the muscles and smoothing/smudging where necessary. this layer is then duplicated again with the original layer’s mode was set to multiply and the second layer’s mode set overlay.

The logo was created from scratch in vectors a while back for another project, simply here reduced and distorted to fit the chest then used to create selections to apply the soft embossed feel. I tried to give the cape a believable flowing feel, not sure if I did, but I like how it turned out. It started with a solid block of color on a layer behind supes. Using the lasso tool I created gradually darker blocks of the red (using HSL adjustment) to give the feel of folds in the cape. The same method used to create supes shadow on the cape. Then used free hand soften tool to blend all the shades together. Over the whole lot applied a gradient fill to darken the cape further where it curves over the shoulder to light at the bottom.

The actual shoulder pieces are on a layer to the front of supes, again beginning with a couple of solid blocks of color. Used gradients, the lasso and HSL to create the tighter folds and wrinkles (where it’s stitched/joined to the costume). Over the whole lot I introduced some granularity. This had the effect of giving the cape some texture post smoothing. blended in the flag in the background to further enhance the ‘belief in something larger than yourself’ feel.

Imagine My: Blink

This is my ‘backup’ character for an comic based RPG called “The Nomads” that’s about to begin based on the Exiles style… my main character is Beast (Universe 666 Version :p) but I thought I best sort out a backup (in case I snuff it early on in the proceedings.. anyways.. I figured I would do a manip and it seemed to go with this theme day (although If we did another Transgender one it might have gone there) so here we go:


Blink (Post “Days of Future Past”)

Real name: Clark Ferguson

Occupation: Leader of Human Resistance

Identity: Public

Legal status: Citizen of SCZ(Sentinel Control Zone) 001 (formerly United States of America)

Place of birth: St Louis, Missourri

Group affiliation: Human Alliance Resistance Movement

Base of operations: Mobile (Currently in ruins of New York City)

History: Clark was born to mutant parents, shortly before they were captured while travelling to northwards to the Canadian Border. Clark spent the early years of his life growing up in internment camps, learning to survive by running errands, always listening and learning. Seperated from his parents at the age of 13, Clark was transferred to the South Bronx Mutant Internment Center. Initially alone in the camp, which was much larger than any of the others where he had been detained, Clark began wandering the complex, learning all it’s secrets. This was a routine he had been through before many times in many camps. On one such expedition, Clark ran into an older boy, Franklin Richards and a pretty redhead named Rachel Summers, who took it upon themselves to look out for Clark. It was through Franklin and Rachel that Clark came to meet and befriend the men and women who’s selfless act would be the catalyst for his later life. Piotr Rasputin, a gentle russian giant with a talent for story telling, his wife Kate, their friend Ororo who’s startling beauty could not be disguised by the hard life they were force to lead. And last but not least, Magnus, who although wheelchair bound had such a strength of will and purpose that it was impossible to think of him as an invalid. As the next few of years passed, Clark became more closely involved with the lives of his new friends, learning of their former identities as X-men, a group of mutants dedicated to protecting both mutants and the humans who feared and hated them. He also heard rumours of an underground resistance movement making raids on the camps and sentinel strongholds up near the Canadian Border. There was also word that the Sentinel were planning on expanding beyond the borders of the former US. Clark believes his friends are hiding something from him and follows Franklin to one of the Camp houses. Slipping inside and hiding, Clark watched as Kitty returns from a sanctioned trip outside the camp for medical supplies, but she has also brought something else, a small electonic component. Clark listens in awe as they talk of now being able to disable the inhibitor collars all mutants are forced to wear. But that is the least of what they intend to do. There is talk of time travel and altering reality, much of which goes over Clark’s head, but what does grab his attention is his first sight of a mutant using their natural powers uninhibited. As the group prepare, Rachel has Kate, relax on a mattress, and then begins to talk to her very softly, calmly. Rachel continues to whisper to Kate on and off for the next couple of hours as the rest of the group come and go, obviously preparing for something that is about to happen. It is at this a gruff voice behind him tells Clark, he needn’t hide in the shadows any more. Shocked that he has been spotted Clark literally falls out of his hiding place as a short stocky man with an odd accent steps into the light. “Logan” it seems has come to aid the former X-men’s escape. Unwilling to take Clark with them due to the dangerous nature of the task ahead, they persuade him to stay with magnus to cover up their escape. The group fade into the darkness of one of the service access tunnels. Later that night Magnus and Clark hear rumors of a failed attempt by a group of mutants to destroy the Sentinel Control Centre in the Baxter Building. All the mutants are dead. The shock news of his friends death triggers Clark’s mutant ability – teleportation – causing himself and Magnus to be flung nearly 100 miles outside the camp almost instantaneously The next four years are spent hiding, fighting and learning. Magnus teaches Clark both about leadership and also techniques to control his gift. Rechristened “Blink” because of his ability to move from one place to another in the blink of an eye, Clark has gathered a small band of similarly minded individuals around them all with one purpose – to end the reign of the Sentinel.

Current Age: 20

Height: 6 ft. 2 in.

Weight: 220 lbs.

Eyes: Shining yellow, no visible pupils

Hair: Blue Skin: Pale Blue, with distintive facial markings that appeared following his first ‘blink’

Strength Level: Clark has the normal human strength of a man his age, height, and build who engaged in intensive regular exercise

Known superhuman powers: Blink possesses the ability to generate teleportation warps, allowing him to displace people and objects. His maximum range hasn’t yet been determined, although with his current level of expertise he can move his entire group instantaneously a distance approximately 500 miles. Blink can also manifest the energy portals in the form of discus shaped weapons, which cause their targets (or parts of their target) to teleport. This power can be used offensively and defensively. The effective range of these discus is approximately 200 metres. Additionally Blink carries adamantium darts (liberated during an early mission) which he can use over a much longer range. By throwing the dart, and instantly ‘blinking’ it, it can effectively hit its target with the same velocity it had upon leaving his hand. It is unclear as to how Blink targets the destination for teleportation, but he may have a subconcsious precognition which automatically retargets him before materialisation to prevent appearing inside a solid object.

Angel – Back in the High Life Again

This is the follow up to my Angel Introspective manip using model Marcus Schenkenberg as Warren Worthington III (while still in his post Apocalypse blue phase).

Starting with the previous manip (minus the ornaments), the first thing i needed to do was recolour the skin to a more natural tone. After a few failed attempts, i found that by selecting the blue skin area, promoting it to a new layer, making it negative, and setting the blend mode to colour, i got a nice tanned look. I cut away the areas of the new ‘skin’ where i still wanted the tshirt to be blue but i found it was too washed out. so i again selected the blue skin promoted it to a new layer and set the blend mode to multiply to get a richer blue. A similar process was done to create the white central strip.

The halo was done using the vector tool and highlighted and shaded manually. The collar and sleeve edging was also done using the vector tool. wrinkles on the tight tshirt body and sleeves drawn as small Vs, then smudged to give a nice feel. The tshirt still looked a bit flat, so i had a look through some of my textures and found a nice one called fauxsuede that i applied over the top on a soft light layer. The background buildings are simply lots and lots of gradient filled boxes layered on top of each other. The car i used is the Pagani Zonda, again on a soft light layer. Between the wings I added a magazine scan i downloaded from the net of Angel in costume but still with his long blond hair to match my image.

Angel Introspective – Warren Worthington III

Time for a quick manip. Here is model Marcus Schenkenberg as Warren Worthington III (while still in his post Apocalypse blue phase – but with regrown natural wings). It was created from two pics of Marcus, a small grainy one i found of him sitting in a very orange room with wings.. and a second larger black and white image. Enlarging the winged image, I cut out the wings and put them on a layer behind the black n white pic. Much smudging and cursing later and i got it looking reasonable. I smudged the black n white pic and colorized the skin and jewellry. The hair was done on a seperate layer and turned out not bad although it is still a bit smudgy at the ends. The pic at the background is Stirling Castle. The logo font is Federation.

Transgender: Rogue & Gambit – Savage Love

Here are my versions of Rogue and Gambit for the Transgender theme day. Rogue is Marcus Schenkenberg, I don’t know who the female in the pic is, but when i saw them together, i thought of Rogue & Gambit.

The original picture was black and white. I smoothed out the skin, smudging out nipples and blemishes. then i sketched out the basic costumes and colours. As i usually do, the costumes are built up in layers. if you look closely at the exposed areas of uniform you will see a woven texture to them. this is also me starting to do wrinkles and seams. the glasses were done from scratch. the white hair was drawn in three shades using the pen. Gambits coat is frankensteined from a raincoat advert. the dinosaur picture in the background i found on the web somewhere. i thought it gave a ‘savage land’ feel, hence the title. i then finalised the shadows and added the x-logos. i think it turned out quite nice.