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Site Update 28/6/2011

Well a few more pics left to add from my archive of stuff that was posted to the former Digital Concept Gallery over at Comics2Film and I shall be able to move onto stuff I created sinc. I had a break from doing comic stuff as I was really into playing RPGs so there will be banners and maybe the odd screenshot.


Additionally I have finalised the new site logo – a variation of my Artwork mark – so from now on the site is Artgasm 😉

Ultimate C2F: LocalHero – Lion Heart

Another theme day submission. In the Ultimate Universe, LocalHero is the protector and Champion of Scotland, heir to the mantle of William Wallace.

Back story: Was struck by lightning during a freak storm while visiting the Wallace Monument in Stirling.

Abilities: LocalHero has the ability to generate highly charged plasma using metallic objects as a conduit. Skilled Marksman and Swordsman. Exceptional Athlete and Martial Artist. Using metal threads laced through his uniform to channel plasma and create a frictionless field can achieve flight capability at up to 200MPH for approx 2 hours

Weapons: Chromium Steel/Vibranium Sword, Chromium Steel/Vibranium Guns (Contain no shells. Used as focus to create and channel plasma projectiles.

Ok.. notes: Base Model: Chris Genkinger (Body Builder) Recolored the body and added my face (well one side of my face flipped and resized. Background: Window view from Duntulm Castle. Flags cut from seperate image, plag pole extended and placed on the cliff side. The floor is from a stone/brick texture i have, deformed and shaded to add some realism. Costume: Done using my usual method. Glasses: cut from Cyclops X2 image.

Used a mask to alter the lens transparency Colorized blue to match costume. The tartan headband was a late addition, I wanted to include something of my heritage, so that is my mum’s Clan Tartan – Mackay. The logo is the one I have used for years, it was inspired by the Lion Rampant on the gold flag. I gave it a raised feel using Eyecandy Bevel Boss filter, then deformed and manually reshaded it to match chest. The zipper is from the same base pic i used for the Vamp:Spidey Iceman manip.

Sword/Guns: from previously downloaded stock of objects. Recolored and deformed to fit. Glow on sword done using Eyecandy’s corona filter. I was tempted to do a belt, but then I decided the gun holsters were an integral part of the costume.. Used the sword image again in the logo to reemphasis the scots feel by replicating the St Andrews cross design from the flag. All original backgrounds removed using mask layers

Secret Wars Comics 2 Film Digital Concept Gallery Collaboration

These artists from all over the world collaborated on this photomanipulation replica of the cover to Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #1 (original by Mike Zeck). Dedicated to Robbo and Comics2Film.com:

(Michael Jai White as) Iron Man by d_authority (w/ blbarett) Visit digitalblueroom.
(Eric Bana as) Hulk by Marcelo Gomes
(Tobey Maguire as) Spider-man by Swingerbone (M/20/Texas, USA)
Matt Damon as Human Torch by Darth_zaiyen
Angela Basset as Storm by Nathauan13 (M/20/ Los Angeles, California, USA)
John Leguizamo as Nightcrawler & Secret Wars title by Juvenilemike
Alicia Keys as Captain Marvel by Lady D (F/26/Ceará, Brazil)
Chris Klein as Colossus and layout by Ed Hopkins (M/30/Maryland, USA)
Tom Sizemore as the Thing by Bill Turner
Katie Price as Rogue by skye
Heath Ledger as Hawkeye by LocalHero (M/32/Glasgow, Scotland)
Victoria Pratt as She-hulk by Paul Tengco (M/24/Philippines)
Guy Pierce as Cyclops by Kevin “kev_incal” Leung (M/22/Alameda, California, USA)
Christina Ricci as Wasp by cyberSpice (M/22/Russia)
Casper Van Dien as Captain America by Black_Alchemy
Martin Sheen as Wolverine by bearbot