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Excalibur: The OmniPark

Well, I haven’t done one of these in ages.. and Essex said the gallery (DCG) was running a bit low on submissions.. so I proudly present.. in the South Park Stylee.. Kitty, Brian, Kurt & Megan.. better known as Shadowcat, Capt Britain, Nightcrawler.. and erm.. Megan;), collectively known as Excalibur. They are here about to access the Siege Perilous.. and enter *bom bom bom* the OmniPark… where all South Park universes meet.

Shadowcat’s Pryde

Another Tom Derenick sketch quicky coloured and textured by me. the coloring was done via colour and multiply layers. The wall texture is one i had on the PC for a while, skewed to fit the perspective. The ‘window’ is a crome effect using eyecandy again skewed to fit. drew the window frame using vector tool. Turned out pretty sweet for about 45 mins work.