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Wanted: Litigator. Apply Fisk Industries

Ok, I wanted to do a follow up to my Elektra/Loss Adjuster pic for a while now, and when I found this pic of Cindy Crawford I immediately thought it would make a great base for She-Hulk, Jennifer Walters.

The source image was a bit messy so I had to do some tidying before I began. The first thing I did was to broaden the shoulders and deepen the chest using the free deform tool. This was then blended back into the original image. I then created a mask of ‘shulkie’ so I could keep things neat later. The background is created from scratch over the original murky black curtain. I used some mauve gradient fills to create a floor/wall join and to provide some lighting. I used the same effect to create the window behind ‘shulkie’ making a faux 3d effect to frame the image of new york street signs I found on google.

The spidey is taken from a pic of a statue of him peeking in another window. I shaded him to make him darker and as if lit from the room. Over spidey and the street seen I created a glass pane using the noise filter then motion and gausian blur to give it some interest, and a white/black gradient to make it look shiny. The brief case was another google find which to which I added Walters stenciling and a shadow and floor reflection to blend it with the image. All pretty simple stuff, but I just wanted to make sure I kept my basic skills up during an otherwise dry creative spell.

Wanted Loss Adjuster. Apply Fisk Industries

Well.. due to a pc crash I nearly lost this pic..which would have annoyed me greatly. Luckily I had saved a jpg version prior to the crash, meant I had lost all the layer info, but at least I had the pic. Anyways.. (I originally had this labelled as Penelope Cruz but it isn’t) here is Yamila Diaz Rahi as Elektra Nachios (in a Greg Horn style) applying for the post of ‘Loss Adjuster’ at Fisk Industries.

Yamila originally had on this crocheted bathing suit style affair, so the first thing I did was a hell of a lot of smudging on the main body to get it looking smooth. I also smudged out the skin to give it a painted look. Removed the silvery shoes she was wearing. Recolored the eyes. Extended the bodice up over the shoulder. The straps on the hands and feet created using vector lines, then darkened using lassoo and HSL adjustment. Then used a small brush to smudge out some wrinkling. drop shadows added to each indivual strap to give that overlapping feel. Created the flappy bit of the dress using vectors, then used HSL again to give it some shading. The sais were created from scratch using Eyecandy’s chrome tool and again more HSL adjustments to give some additional shading. Used the sai’s to create a selection cut from the floor to add some reflected color. The shadows were done in a similar fashion, then deformed and blurred. Added the FISK logo, with drop shadow on multiply layers.

DCG Exclusive: Robbo Revealed as Kingpin of Crime.

Well the truth had to finally be revealed, Robbo is indeed the Kingpin, not only of crime, but of C2F. Hope you like it. I took Robbo’s head from Yahoo messed about with the perspective, then smudge and softened it onto the kingpin pic i grabbed from marvel. the skin on the kingpin i recoloured to match robbo more closely. i added a slight shadow.