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X3: Jennifer Ellison as Emma Frost #3

Final one of this concept. Thought she might get a bit chilly wandering about in the previous outfit all the time, so manipped this coat together.

It started out as a dark brown mac on a models dummy. colorised it slightly blue, duplicated the layer about 8 times set to screen which brightened it up nicely. merged these layers, corrected some color problems, them manipped the coat to fit the pose. Added some more of the x-logos to look embossed into the leather.


X3: Jennifer Ellison as Emma Frost #2

Ok.. same actress as my previous Emma Frost pic, but this time I decided to try my hand at a movie style costume, rather than civies. Seeing as the White Queen always wears white(ish) stuff, I kept the movie costume white rather than black, but tried to create the style of Jean and Storm’s costumes.

Jen was originally wearing a blue leather jump suit. I cut this onto a new layer, desaturated until I was happy with the tones. This layer was then set to Hard light. Power effect, and X-ornaments taken from previous pic. Background created from scratch using freeform deform tool on a tiled texture, with gradient fills on top. The raised sections of the costume were created in the same way i described doing seams before. I think it turned out ok, and hope the movie costume is something like this. I think the standard held on by hope costume she wears now wouldnt work in the movie.. not that i would mind seeing them try;))

X3: Jennifer Ellison as Emma Frost

Not a preferred casting or anything, but I saw this lass on the TV one saturday morning singing and I went looking for pics. Jennifer Ellison is probably best known to Brits from Brookside(soap set in Liverpool) but she has just released a single. Anyways.. she is hot… She is possibly too young to play Emma (she just turned 20 at the start of May) and would really need to learn how to tone down her broad scouse accent.

The manip is a relatively simple one. The pic i chose was quite grainy so I used what i picked up from Marrow’s tutorial to get me started. She was wearing multi coloured pants. So they were first desaturated, then a slightly colored texture was added on a new layer. The X-logo on the belt is from scratch using vectors and chrome eye candy plug-in. The power effect was done using CGTalk tutorial linked by dperciful in the Hints’n’Tips thread. Added more highlighting and power reflection to her eyes, and glows to the hair, cheeks, nose from the power effect. The main X3 logo and name-tag were done from scratch again. 4 layers – 1 for aluminum texture, 1 for gradient fade on multiply, 1 for bevels on multiply, 1 for bevels on overlay. The effect is pretty neat. I may do some more pics using this actress, cos working with her is a pleasure 🙂