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FXM Additional: White Queen Tryptich

Feeling a little jaded this year, so I haven’t done much new art yet.  To keep things going though here is a quick collage of the images shown being Emma Frost in my Press:FXM image from last September. Each image is a manip of Jaime Presley’s face onto Greg Horn covers for the Emma Frost comic series.  As these were going to be shown pretty small in the background I guess i didnt spend as long on some of the placement (left hand image) as I would have for a full size piece, still i think the effect is pretty good none the less.

Emma Frost / White Queen Early Concept for FXM

Going to be a bit busy this month with work, so here is an early concept i was playing with for the Magazine Theme Day over at DCG.  I prefer how it ended up (check Sep 1 post for what was eventually used), but this version does have something about it that is interesting i hope. The larger size may make some of the costume detail more obvious – especially the stitching.


Press: FXM

Theme Day Submission. Well I have been messing with this pic of Jaime Presley as Emma Frost for a week or so, and almost submitted it in a slightly different form (big thanks to Juvenilemike, for comments and encouragement) but I ended up doing it this way. And I think it works so much better. Other than Jaime herself (well most of her!), and the manipped Greg Horn prints in the background – pretty much everything in this was created from scratch.

Nomads: Sinistra

Here is a manip I did for my good friend Enchantress over at marvel-boards.co.uk based on her description of her character in the new Nomads RPG we have going. Name: Sinistra Real name :Victoria Jean Essex. Here is Jaime Presley manipped. Costume is a more feminine version of Mr Sinister (Victoria’s father). Blended her existing bikini into a full body suit and adjusted the colors. The cape is created from multiple leather texture pieces rotated/skewed to give it more volume.  Background created with multiple layers are with a DNA theme. Used this as practice for my big theme day submission. Look out tomorrow!