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DSC 12/08/2011 Arisia Rrab – Green Lantern of Sector 2815

Well for this sketch challenge http://outcaststudios.com/forums/index.php/topic/10989-daily-sketch-challenge-vol-16-05/ I was inspired by a pose I saw in the Supergirl - May Happy Returns Trade Paperback where Supergirl meets Supergirl!

Anyway the basic sketch here took about 20minutes and then another 15 to get the coloring done.

So here we see Arisia Rrab, Green Lantern of Sector 2815

Green Lantern: There Can Be Only One

I saw this base image of an underwear model and I thought with this pose he might make a good John Stewart GL. And then I had the idea that for some reason he has ended up with two power rings (a fellow Green Lantern was killed in whatever battle this was and John took the ring rather than it fall to enemy hands) Anyways that’s what I thought. This is another of me trying to keep my hand in until I get really inspired. Lots of smoothing and smudging on the costume, think it turned out quite nice. The planet background I had downloaded from somewhere but recolored it here. The dirty green interlocking tile texture is one of my own made from multiple source materials.

The New Green Lantern

Shania Twain as the new female Green Lantern in the upcoming Warner Bros series. OK.. i made that up.. but the look i was going for was the sort of promo page you get in tv guides 🙂

Started out with a picture of shania in a purple pvc outfit. extended the vest part of it to make it look more like a uniform. then began adding textures per previous art notes. the mask is done the same way. She had her hand against the wall for some reason.. so i put a door switch there, and then the sliding glass door moving to the left. All the lantern logo’s done from scratch. I put in the large one on the wall behind her using a screen layer and blurred it to make it seem more diffuse.

I almost forgot that back wall was reflected in the wall next to her, so i had to repeat the process for the logo’s reflection. The pattern in the GL text is actually stripped from a JLA Secret Origins Wallpaper and features lots of GLs flying to OA. The font is called Armor Piercing. Added WB & DC logos from Net and my own logo. Final thing i added was the GL oath which was one once in green then blurred and once in black on top.