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Outcast Studios – Live Draw Night – 25/09/2011 – Hour 4

Outcast Studios (home of the Deviant Daily Sketch Challenge) had a great little event this evening – a mock convention Artists Alley with appropriate fan request challenges. [link]

The fourth hour challenge was a particularly fun one (despite my ongoing stomach pains) – recreate a comic cover but instead of the original subject(s) use one of the revamped characters from DC ‘New’ Universe. I decided to use Spectacular Spider-man No 40 [link] as the inspiration. So instead of Peter Parker changing into the Lizard, we have Dick Grayson changing in Killer Croc. Kinda.  It’s late, it took longer than I planned and is the best I can manage at the moment. Realised after I posted it I hadn’t finishing coloring some bits – sue me. I’m tired and sore.









The Great Divide…

Albea’s great work in the Timm style inspired me to do a quick manip of a few of his pieces into one scene. I thought the poses of the characters would be great to illustrate the rift between Nightwing(the original Robin) and Batman (& the new Robin). Let me know what you think, this was just a quickie to see how the pics would look together and I think it turned out quite well. As usual all characters by Albea, layout and background by me.