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Outcast Studios – Live Draw Night – 25/09/2011 – Hour 1

Outcast Studios (home of the Deviant Daily Sketch Challenge) had a great little event this evening – a mock convention Artists Alley with appropriate fan request challenges. [link]

The first hour challenges were to produce sketches for the following characters:

  • Nova
  • Deadpool
  • Wolverine
  • Doctor Doom
  • Magneto

And here are my submissions:


Deadpool – Would you like fried with that?

Well I haven’t submitted anything in a while and I was reading some Cable/Deadpool recently and thought I would revisit one of my earlier submissions. A reworking of my coloring attempt from 2003 of Kevin Newburn’s Deadpool image. Kev’s work can be found at http://www.devildinosaur.com/

The basic work is the same as before but I have made the color a better match for the comic costure, and paid more attention to the highlighting. Also I have added a little humor in keeping with the character. If you are interested Wade’s name badge says “How may I kill you today?” Below is a side by side comparison of sketch and finished art.

The earlier version can be found via the tags below.

Kevin Newburn’s Deadpool – Inked & Colored

I just love coloring Kev’s work. I think it’s his clean fluid lines. Anyway, I thought this would make a good mock cover for Agent X.

The coloring is done in using colorized textures, in this case my favourite leather one. I inked over the sketch using the vector pen. Added some extra detail to the costume in the form of raised seams. The shading was done on a seperate layer using soften on gradient filled shapes. This was the circular gradient offset to the left. This layer was built up and additional HSL adjustments done to give wrinkles. Needed more so added white lines on a soft light layer to highlight the wrinkles.

The sword is done from scratch, with the handle grabbed from a Deadpool pin up (i was getting lazy/tired). The Agent X logo was downloaded from JuvenileMike’s DSN site. The marvel logo I cut previously from an old cover scan. The background is from my stock and is made from an alleyway, colorized orange, and a flame pic on a screen layer.