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Supergirl Lives

I recently saw someone do a WW manip using this Kirsten Dunst base pic. I immediately said to myself she would make a great Supergirl and so here it is.

The S-logo is my own work using vectors. It is used on her shirt and in the main logo. The t-shirt was made by selecting the exposed skin on her chest and promoting it to a new layer. I then reduced the saturation and colored it slightly blue (as true white doesnt look like real white). I then smudged her breasts to give the impression it was figure hugging [after looking at it for a while, i guess i could have worked at this some more :)].

The skirt was added manually over her pants and shaded with a few wrinkles. The boot laces were added manually to the complete the costume. The background i created previously for some of my Cap America pics. It was lit to give the impression of bright spot lights. Added a shadow on the floor and wall manually using a deformed filled shape of kirsten, blurred using the gaussian blur. Also added a hint of some buildings at the foot of the flag. I think it turned out ok for a couple of hours work.

Love, Or Something Like It’s Got A Hold on Me

Another piece using the art provided by Albea. We spent so long saying it would be nice to see them in a scene or a group, I did this to see how it would look. Both WW and Supes characters were submitted alone by Albea, my part was just to bring it together, background etc. The concept? Well Superman should have an equally noble and powerful partner, both in heroics and in love, and who better that Wonder Woman. Well, who knows.. it might happen….

The Great Divide…

Albea’s great work in the Timm style inspired me to do a quick manip of a few of his pieces into one scene. I thought the poses of the characters would be great to illustrate the rift between Nightwing(the original Robin) and Batman (& the new Robin). Let me know what you think, this was just a quickie to see how the pics would look together and I think it turned out quite well. As usual all characters by Albea, layout and background by me.


Superman In Flight

I thought i would expand my repertoire(sp?) a little and have a go at using my tablet for something a little different than smudging photos. Here is a digital painting of Superman done only with the tablet and pen, the pose is based on a scan of a page i found on the web. I used this for the basic shapes and to give me an idea of where to put some shadows and highlights. I didn’t get round to doing the legs, so a bit of motion blur will had to do… Let me know what you think.

Transgender: Umbra

Well,  as most Transgenders seem to involve making male characters into females, I thought i would try changing Legionaire Umbra into a fella. I found the small pic of her from her pre-legion days i think. The guy is body builder Milos Sarcev. The pic was black and white, and he was originally wearing only his posing pouch, so everything else was added by me. It is my first real try at a cloak, and even that has taken me three attempts to get it looking halfway decent. I particulary like how the shoulder guard came out – definitely worth the effort put into it.