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Craig Rousseau’s Avengers Color: LocalHero

Craig Rousseau Pencils. Bob Almond Inks. From the 2001 Heroes Con Program Guide Colored in PSPX2 using many many multiply and screen layers. Can’t remember if this was an official Avengers line up (perhaps West Coast?) – Vision, Wonder Man, Scarlet Witch, Beast, Black Panther.

Iron Man Mk II Art:Craig Rousseau Color:LocalHero

Just a piece of work I have had hanging around in my WIP for a long time. Finally got around to finishing coloring it. Many Layers (overlays/hard/soft light). The text is from scratch (not on original art) and a simple gradient on the wall/floor gives a good feeling of depth. Don’t think the metal looks too bad after all. I have of course made a silver version which I may upload if that’s allowed. The original artwork is a Craig Rousseau drawing.