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COSTUME: A Portrait of an Angel

I wanted to take part in this theme day, AND fill a request.. Brian Gaskill in the red Angel uniform (dunno if I got the right one though.. as he had a couple).

So here we see Angel admiring a painting of himself in his original X-Men uniform. The red uniform is a recolor of the previous blue uniformed Archangel I previously submitted. The wings have been desaturated and brightened. The background pic was painted using my wacom tablet over another image of Brian. Everything is new other than the eyes and mouth area. Tried to give a cloudy sky impression in the background. Added a perspective shadow on the wall from the front Angel.

Not X3: Archangel

Keeping with the tradition of a new blue person in each movie.. hehe.. not really.. We had a request to see Brian Gaskill as Archangel, So here it is my own take. Costuming from scratch using the usual techniques, background from xmen, a pic of an Angel Bust, and a smaller unfinished Brian Gaskill/Angel manip as screen type box outs. Body donor was Antonio Sabato. Tried to give the wings a metallic look but not sure if it really pays off.