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Canada’s Finest Star? (V2)

Well the original version of this caused a bit of controversy over at Heromorph, what with talk of lions (or strangely Dogs?) licking thighs and jean paul being caught wearing Hudson’s (Guardian’s) long johns.. so here is a more traditionally colored costume for Northstar – still with the maple leaf motif. Tried simply removing the red tone but didn’t work so ended up adding white gradients to recreate the highlights from the original image.

Canada’s Finest Star?

Well I was at a bit of a loose end so I dug this out from my WIP folder.. begun in 2003 finished 2007. heh. anyways Antonio Sabato as Alpha Flight’s Northstar in a more patriotic uniform. I can’t remember exactly why i didn’t finish this before, but I think i was unhappy with the texture on the suit and the skin color (was originally a black and white image). Redid the color and the textures and tidied up some sloppy cutting and masking. fixed some shading. You may recognise the base from a couple of other submissions – Captain Britain springs to mind.;) nothing wrong with a bit of reuse. i realise this is more normally Guardian’s uniform, but I felt that a government sponsored team would all have similar uniforms. Maybe if i did it again I would add more of a nod towards Northstar’s original costume but in Canadian colours.

Not X3: Archangel

Keeping with the tradition of a new blue person in each movie.. hehe.. not really.. We had a request to see Brian Gaskill as Archangel, So here it is my own take. Costuming from scratch using the usual techniques, background from xmen, a pic of an Angel Bust, and a smaller unfinished Brian Gaskill/Angel manip as screen type box outs. Body donor was Antonio Sabato. Tried to give the wings a metallic look but not sure if it really pays off.

Ultimate C2F: WelshCat – Brenin Cymru

or ‘King of Wales’. I see the Ultimate Welshcat as being like T’Challa aka Black Panther, a champion and ambassador for his people and country. I liked the Universe X take on Black Panther and thought it would work here.

The base model is Antonio Sabata whom i beheaded. I have used this base for previous submission(s). The head is a panther cut from the original and grafted on to the body. It was simpler to cut the whiskers and redo them from scratch. The body has two fur texture layers one purple, and one mottled on overlay. The head was colored and additional mottled fur texture added to match. I promoted the eyes mouth and nose over the color layers to retain the correct colors for them. The chest logo is cut from a welsh flag, and distorted onto the chest. The sword and scabard were done originally for my Valkyrie manip but I decided to re-use them here to get a sort of Captain Britain/Arthurian vibe going too. The belt created from scratch and the lion head was from a medallion. The background is of Port Merrion (setting of The Prisoner tv show) Meeowww;)

XMas: Gift for Trygonez – Captain Britain

Since one of Trygonez asks was for a male character from the X-Men camp, I thought I would look for one that hasn’t been done a million times. I know technically Cap here isn’t a mutant, but as one of the mainstays of eXcalibur, i guessed he would qualify.

This was actually a lot of fun to do, even if it does have a lot of fiddly layers. The body started of as Antonio Sabata Jr in shorts. This provided the base for the shading, lighting. everything else you see is artificially created, with the exception of our very own Trygonez’s face which i had a heck of a job colouring from the blueish tinged original. If you check out behind the flag.. you may see something in the cloudy sky… Merry Christmas Trygonez, I hope you enjoy your present.