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Tony Stark Presents…

Here we see Tony explaining the various systems of a new armour to the rest of the Avengers (offscreen – lazy i know :p) I wanted to do a mix of animated style/real life action background and make them fit. The Iron Man Sketchets and the base image for Tony were taken from various issues of Advanced Iron (check it out if you are an IM fan). I brought the sketches together on a new image and used deform and various gradient fills to get that ‘display board’ look. Tony is simply colored using blocks of colors that were darkened to indicate lighting and shadow. The drop shadow was done manually using Tony’s outline as a guide. as was the board shadow. The panels were found via a google search for this variation of the armour.

Crimson Dynamo (Coloured)

This image was grabbed from an issue of Advanced Iron – a great fanzine which has featured the works of our (DCG) very own Welshcat. It was inked by Troy Brian. The coloring this time was done using a brushed metal texture and a red metallic gradient fill. over this i did some dodging. The background is made froma blue metallic gradient fill and a circuit board texture. The floor has hopefully come out as reflective. The metal of the suit still seems a bit flat.. I guess I need to work on that a bit more.. wish I could get me metals looking like welshcat does.